Finding the tough conversations too hard? Struggling to hold others accountable for their performance? Crucial Conversations and. Accountability Skills Training. Our Crucial Conversations training teaches how to discuss high-stake topics in a constructive and effective way on all levels. VitalSmarts Releases Crucial Conversations® Online Training. Now, the dialogue skills from the award-winning training course can be.

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It gives insight in what you’re already doing good and where you can improve in a safe environment. No improvements from me – it was a vrucial effective facilitation. The instructor has impressive skills to motivate the class, also with fun. In addition to our two-day training program, VitalSmarts offers you and you employees the possibility to follow a training to become an in-house Crucial Conversations trainer.

The trainer has a lot of knowledge, is connecting with all participants, and she has a lot of energy.

Sign up for training. Also analysing facts and stories is a powerful skill. Takes time to explain.

Training Crucial Conversations | VitalSmarts Benelux

The training is logic, with good role cojversations and refreshers. The small group and intensive interaction was excellent. See all training solutions. I personaly prefer following the material over the pair discussions as some people don’t take them very seriously, so time is not used efficiently. Good constructive examples and enough time to practice.


Become converswtions Crucial Conversations trainer In addition to our two-day training program, VitalSmarts offers you and you employees the possibility to follow a training to become an in-house Crucial Conversations trainer. Looking forward to explore opportunites for PVH together.

Watch as Scott uses a skill we teach in training to state his concerns. Are you sure you want to proceed? Excellent course material and well-structured course.

Willeke is very knowledgeable about the content of the program. All you need is an Internet connection and a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Learning Your Way.

A troughly enjoyable vitalsmars. This training has a lot of usefull skills, like separate facts from stories. The training is not only applicable to the business. The health of any organization, team, or relationship can be measured by the lag between identifying and discussing problems — or the accountability gap.

If vitalsmarrts did not convince you just yet about the value of Crucial Conversations for your organization, then you are more than welcome to join one of our inspirational sessions.


Crucial Conversations Online – VitalSmarts

This two-day training is very effective. Our training Crucial Conversations helps you to break taboos, reduce office politics, and make sensitive topics discussable.

The instructor is engaging and friendly. Usually it’s hard to stay focussed, but she managed very well to keep my interest. The instructor was open, and perfect general teaching skills. The training has a usefull CPR model. The instructor conveesations mastering the skills very well.

Training Crucial Conversations ®

The instructor was very well prepared and could answer all my questions. The training was very good!

Simple, effective theory that was delivered in an engaging way converstions brought it to life. Examples from the trainer are also key for that purpose. Crucial Conversations is available in several delivery formats to address the diverse needs of your organization.