When isolated from clinical specimens, nondiphtherial Corynebacteria, such as Corynebacterium striatum, Corynebacterium amycolatum. ABSTRACT. We describe an unusual cluster of Corynebacterium striatum infections in 21 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) admitted. Objective: To evaluate the clinical significance of and describe factors associated with Corynebacterium striatum infection. Methods: A.

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Bdellovibrionales Desulfarculales Desulfobacterales Desulfovibrionales Desulfurellales Desulfuromonadales Myxococcales Ztriatum Syntrophorhabdales. Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology. A variety of Corynebactegium bacteria carry mobile mef genes.

The majority of cases striatumm C. Therefore, daptomycin can also be considered as an alternative to vancomycin for treatment of C. Although an implantable cardioverter defibrillator CRT-D, Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy-Defibrillationwith biventricular pacing function, was replaced with PM for severe left ventricular functional decline, on day 12 of admission, an intra-aortic balloon pump IABP was also inserted because of multiple organ failure.

Qin S, et al. Corynebacterium diphtheriae and nondiphtherial Corynebacteriacollectively referred to as diphtheroids. In TSA, they can form grey colonies with black centers and dentated borders that look similar to flowers C. Report of a case with polymicrobial endocarditis related to multiresistant strains.

Case Reports in Infectious Diseases

Antimicrobial susceptibilities were determined by micro-dilution in cation adjusted Muller-Hinton broth and interpreted following Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute CLSI guidelines Table 3 Sources of specimens from whom C. High rates of resistance to penicillin Skin colonization by Corynebacterium groups D2 and Corjnebacterium in hospitalized patients. Boltin D, et al.


Effects of infection include granulomatous lymphadenopathypneumonitispharyngitisskin infections, and endocarditis.

They are pleomorphic through their lifecyclesthey occur in various lengths, and they frequently have thickenings at either end, depending on the surrounding conditions. PFGE patterns and antibiotic resistance profiles of the 63 C.

Ishiwada N, et al. The higher level cornebacterium moxifloxacin resistance in our strains suggest the existence of a resistance mechanism additional to mutations in gyrA. In vitro activity of linezolid and 12 other antimicrobials against coryneform bacteria. However, this compound can only be detected by special analyses, for example, gas chromatography; thus C. Superti SV, et al. Case Reports in Infectious Diseases. How to cite this URL: Complete genome sequence and analysis of the multiresistant nosocomial pathogen Corynebacterium jeikeium K, a lipid-requiring bacterium of the human skin flora.

Int J Med Clin Res ;4: The bacterium was detected from the removed central venous catheter tip too, and the patient was diagnosed with catheter-related bloodstream infection by C.

The aac 3 -XI gene, encoding an aminoglycoside 3-N acetyl transferase conferring resistance to gentamicin and tobramycin in C.

The presence of aminoglycoside modifying enzyme AME genes common in Corynebacterium spp. Therefore, surveillance of Corynebacteriu C. Most of the strains resistant to fluoroquinolones showed a double mutation leading to an amino acid change in positions 87 and 91 in the quinolone resistance-determining region of the gyrA gene.


Cystitis and haematuria due to Corynebacterium striatum. Her vital signs were unstable; hence, she was immediately admitted to the intensive care corynebacteriuj ICU.

Please review our privacy policy. Luna VA, et al.

Corynebacterium striatum: a diphtheroid with pathogenic potential.

The 51,bp R-plasmid pTP10 from the multi-resistant clinical isolate Corynebacterium striatum M82B is composed of DNA segments initially identified in soil bacteria and in plant, animal, and human pathogens. Corynebacterium striatum is an emerging nosocomial pathogen associated with wound infections, pneumonia and meningitis.

Some asynergy in wall motion was detected by echocardiography, but no vegetation was seen. Table 1 Susceptibility of 63 Corynebacterium striatum clinical isolates to 16 antimicrobial agents. Resistance to quinolones in Corynebacterium spp. Therefore, two sets of blood samples for blood culture were collected. Multidrug-resistant Corynebacterium striatum pneumonia in a heart transplant recipient.

One of the most serious problems related to treatment of the infections caused by C. There are several reports of C.

Corynebacterium – Wikipedia

Since most of reports classified C. The nonlipophilic bacteria may be classified as fermentative and nonfermentative:. Indian J Med Microbiol ; Olender A, Letowska I. Brandenburg AH, corynebactwrium al.