COBIT Security Baseline: An Information. Survival Kit, 2nd Edition. IT Governance Institute. Click here if your download doesn”t start automatically. This login page is the result of either: Taping “Sign In”; Attempting to access content or functionality which requires login (such as a purchase, registration or My. An Information Security Survival Kit IT Governance Institute derived from COBIT : • Board Briefing on IT Governance, 2nd Edition—Designed to help executives.

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The widespread use of the Internet, handheld and portable computer devices, and mobile and editioh technologies has made access to data and information easy and affordable.

Ensure that privacy and intellectual property rights, as well as other legal, regulatory, contractual and insurance requirements, have been identified with respect to security and processes in your area of responsibility.

What safeguards have been established over systems connected to securith Internet to protect the entity from viruses and other attacks? Quickstart provides a baseline for control over IT in small to medium enterprises SMEs and other entities where IT is less strategic and not as critical for survival.

Ensure that internal and external auditors agree with the audit committee and management on how information security should be covered in the audit. If information is disclosed or altered, could goods or funds be improperly exition Does anyone know how many computers the company owns? Regulatory compliance is top concern in The survey shows that there is a growing focus on enterprise-based IT management and IT governance.

Would they ignore it? How bxseline they escalated and what does management do about them?

Liite 5. Standardit

Conduct information security audits based on a clear escurity and accountabilities, with management tracking the closure of recommendations. Establish staff understanding of the need for responsiveness and consider cost-effective means to manage the identified security risks through security practices e.

Is the enterprise clear on its position relative to IT and security risks? Consider the dependence on third-party suppliers for security requirements, and mitigate continuity, confidentiality and intellectual property risk by, for example, escrow, legal liabilities, penalties and rewards. Is management confident that security cpbit adequately addressed in the organisation? Does this policy statement adequately cover: This guide focuses on the specific risk of IT security sdition a way that is simple to follow and implement for the home user or the user in small to medium enterprises, as well as for the executives and board members of larger organisations.


Could business revenues or profits be lost if information is disclosed, wrong or lost?

Develop clear policies and detailed guidelines, supported by a repetitive and assertive communications plan that reaches every employee. The guide is focused on a generic methodology for implementing IT governance, covering the following subjects: Especially target single points of failure.

As computer systems have become more and more commonplace in all walks of life, from home to school and office, unfortunately so too have the security risks. Ensure that physical protections e. To ensure that counterparties can be trusted and transactions are authentic when using electronic transaction systems, ensure that the security instructions are adequate and compliant with contractual obligations.

In the current economy, enterprises aecurity are struggling to achieve growth and governance at an affordable cost without compromising the business, its customers, and the integrity and security of their information systems. What would be the consequences of a serious security incident in terms of lost revenues, lost customers and investor confidence? To help information security professionals who are facing growing pressure to cut costs, reduce IT-related risks, and comply with new and existing laws and regulations, ISACA’s research affiliate, the IT Governance Institute ITGIhas released ecition guidance featuring a holistic approach to information security governance.

Ensure that significant with minimal incidents are identified and resolved in a timely interruption from a manner. Ensure that an swcurity list of hardware and software critical for important IT services is maintained, including the disaster backup site.

COBIT Security Baseline

What are other people baeeline, and how is the enterprise placed in relation to them? Be aware that a security breach could result in legal consequences and potential losses including identity theft, fraud and physical theft. Where appropriate, ensure that competent external resources have reviewed the information security control mechanisms, and assessed compliance with laws, regulations and contractual obligations relative to information security.

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Figure 21—Accidents Disk failure Availability is one of the three key elements of information. Ensure that security is an integral part of the systems development editionn cycle process and explicitly addressed during each phase of the process. How were the expenditures justified? Make a boot disk, in case the computer is damaged or compromised, to recover from security breaches and other failures. Spyware Innocent looking software e.

What would be the consequences of a security incident in terms of lost revenues, customers and investor confidence? Examples of the latter include: Obtain through hiring or training the skills needed properly by to support the enterprise security requirements. Management should also optimise the use of available resources, including data, application systems, technology, facilities and people.

Many e-mail programs use the same code as web browsers to display HTML.

Protection is achieved by a combination of technical and ocbit safeguards. Ensure that security administration has been enabled and resourced with procedures and service levels to identify users and assign, activate, maintain and eventually remove access rights.


When was the last time an information security audit was performed? Require a report of security progress and issues for the audit committee.

New technologies have emerged that allow unprecedented functionality but introduce new risks and environments that are harder to control, e.

This guide cannot highlight every risk or suggest precisely what level of control is needed, but it will significantly improve the ability to identify what must be done and why.

COBIT Security Baseline

IT environments keep changing, and new security risks can occur at any time. Ensure that the information security strategy pragmatically measures risks and seeks to cost-effectively mitigate risk at an acceptable level with minimal business disruptions.

Users should note that the documents are for general reference only and users are responsible to make their own assessment on the information provided and to obtain independent advice 2d acting on it.