The Cisco ASR X Router offers embedded services for enterprise and service provider networks in a 2-rack unit (2RU) small form factor. It is integrated with. ASR X Router: Access product specifications, documents, downloads, Visio stencils, product images, and community content. Data sheet describes how the Cisco SPA/SIP portfolio offers a rich set of QoS features for premium service delivery.

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Set to group16 as recommended configuration on ASR router. It has a feature called DPI, which filters packets in the computer network to search for spam, viruses, intruders, and other security issues.

With dynamic routing you have an option to define advertised-route-priority, lower priority is preferred. During tunnel establishment, the two peers negotiate security associations that govern authentication, encryption, encapsulation, and key management.

Cisco ASR ASRRP1= Data Sheet – Page 1 of 12 |

Cizco ensure that you order the correct Cisco ASRyou must first know the answers to the following questions: In this block, the following parameters are set.

These negotiations involve two phases: Certain services require only a right-to-use RTU license, whereas other services require both an RTU license and one or more number-of-sessions licenses. For details, see our Site Policies. Alternatively, you can leave –ip-address and –mask-length blank, and leave –peer-ip-address blank in the next step, and IP addresses will be automatically generated for you.

The upcoming section provide details to both in detail below: To define the route priority run the below command.

Saving the configuration To save the running configuration and set it as the default startup, run the following command on Cisco IOS terminal: Packet sent with a daatsheet address of Cisco ASR Router.


Both new routers support up to Gbps in a 2-rack-unit 2RU and 60 Gbps in a 1-rack-unit 1RU form factor, respectively.

The 2 VPN tunnels configuration example here is built based on the IPsec tunnel and BGP configuration illustrated above, can be expanded to more tunnels if required.

You can repeat this command to add multiple ranges to the VPN tunnel. Its shared port adapters in the SIP are upgradable. Network capacity between the two VPN peers. This value cannot be changed after the tunnel is created because it is used in the IKE handshake. The configuration samples which follow will include numerous value substitutions provided for the purpose of example only.

Cisco ASR Series Aggregation Services Routers Overview

You must enter the same shared secret into both VPN gateways. Back to home page. They are the asrr control processors that run the network operating system, provide advanced routing capabilities, and also monitor and manage the other components of the Cisco ASR Series Aggregation Services Router.

It also provides support for software redundancy without the csico to use redundant hardware. Peer IP address — Enter your on-premises public IP address here, with the above mentioned topology it is There are two ESP models: The range, or ranges, of the peer network, which is the network on the other side of the tunnel from the Cloud VPN gateway you are currently configuring. Before datasheef begin Overview The configuration samples which follow will include numerous value substitutions provided for the purpose of example only.


ELCs come in two different types: To advertise additional prefixes to GCP, copy the “network” statement and identify the prefix you wish to advertise.

Configure your firewall rules to allow inbound traffic from the peer network subnets, and you must configure the peer network firewall to allow inbound traffic from your Compute Engine prefixes. This information is provided as an example only. It can be configured with your choice of a 5-gigabyte per second or a gigabyte per second embedded services processor.

If you are going to deploy the network of a large enterprise, you may consider ASR Series. Select the gateway’s entire subnet in the pull-down menu. Populate the following fields: The topology outlined by this guide is a basic site-to-site IPsec VPN tunnel configuration using the referenced device:.

Click Create to create the gateway and initiate all tunnels, though tunnels will not connect until you’ve completed the additional steps below. Unlike earlier versions where a problem with one process could crash the whole system, datasheef modular design should help contain faults.

Cisco ASR 1000 ASR1000-RP1= Data Sheet

Submit a Tutorial Share step-by-step guides. Any references to IP addresses, device IDs, shared secrets or keys account information or project names should be replaced with the appropriate values for your environment when following this guide. This step automatically creates ciscco network-wide route and necessary forwarding rules for the tunnel.