configuration information with no manual intervention. of the Cisco Aironet AG Series allows the access point to be placed above ceilings in plenum. To clear or remove the manually entered controller information, you can use these EXEC. installed in accordance with Cisco’s installation instructions, it may cause interference with radio and television reception. This equipment has.

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The power module and Cisco Aironet power injectors are capable of supplying the required power for full operation, but some inline power sources are not capable of supplying Manufacturers Federal Communication Commission Declaration Of Conformity Statement The Part 15 radio device operates on a non-interference basis with other devices operating at this Caution frequency when using the integrated antennas.

Page The body responsible for the Ethernet The commands available to you depend on the mode you are currently using. Page 34 The security hasp covers the cable bay area including the power port, Ethernet port, console Note port, and the mode button to prevent the installation or removal of the cables or the activation of the mode button.

The Cisco Products page appears. Page 39 If you do experience difficulty, the following sections provide basic troubleshooting information. Put the access point on a flat surface, and grasp it with both hands, as shown in this illustration. Step 1 In the cable bay area, pull the cables through the access point cable opening see Figure To move back to the beginning of the command entry, press Ctrl-B or the left arrow key repeatedly.


All the Declaration of Conformity statements related to this product can be found at the following URL: Enter the username Cisco in the User Name field. The default password is Cisco. Page – Manufacturers Federal Communication Comm Page 8 These documents are also available on Cisco.

For more details, contact Cisco Corporate Compliance.

Cisco Aironet 1130AG Hardware Installation Manual

Installing the Security Hasp Adapter Access point security hasp tab Security hasp adapter Security hasp notch Step 3 Push down on the security hasp adapter to expose the padlock post hole. Configuring Power Using The Cli Intelligent Power Management support is dependent on the version of software resident in the Cisco switch that is providing power to the access point. The appendix contains the following sections: Non-Cisco client devices might have difficulty communicating with repeater access points.

You should mqnual this table and the instructions for opening the top cover. Page – Statement Antenna Installation Warni If you press Esc Y more than ten times, you cycle to the first buffer entry.

Cisco also provides several ways to obtain technical assistance and other technical resources. Repeater non Access point connects to a remote LAN, accepts root associations from wireless clients, and must associate with a root access point using the wireless interface. The Cisco warranty page appears.


These guidelines are provided in both Japanese and 11130ag. Note If you are connected to the access point using a Telnet session you lose your connection to the access point when you assign a new IP address to the BVI. The buffer contains only the last 10 items that you have the last ten items that you deleted.

VLAN A VLAN is a switched network that is logically segmented by functions, project teams, or applications rather than on a physical or geographical basis. Safety Information The use of wireless devices in hazardous locations is limited to the constraints posed by the safety directors of such environments.


The use of this device in a system operating either partially The GUI is the primary-configuration tool.

The security hasp covers the cable bay area including the power port, Ethernet port, console Note port, and the mode button to prevent the installation or removal of the cables or the activation of the mode button. The access point web-browser interface is fully compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.

The table contains important information you need to know so you can.

Page 39 Insert two 8 x 32 x 1 inch pan head screws in the X mounting holes and tighten. Page 27 Default Gateway The default gateway identifies the address the access point uses to access another network. You must enable them when you configure the access point for the first time.

Follow these steps to access and download the Cisco Information Packet and your warranty and license agreements from Cisco. If DHCP is enabled, leave this field blank. Using inline power, you do not need to run a power cord to the access point because power is supplied over the Ethernet cable. Cisco access points use hexadecimal characters. Step 3 Enter the case-sensitive password Cisco and press Enter. The following devices that provide Power-over-Ethernet PoE: