Xeromphis spinosa (Thunb.) Keay, Bull. Jard. Bot. État Bruxelles Catunaregam spinosa (Thunb.) Tirveng., Taxon 27(5–6): []. Mountain Pomegranate is an armed shrub or small tree. Spines arise from leaf axil and are straight. Branchlets have soft hair on them. Leaves. In Indo-China, powdered and roasted fruits (without seeds) are used externally to treat ulcers, and the bark is used internally against diarrhoea.

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A decoction of the powdered root is applied directly on melanomas, spinoea the infusion is administered orally as an emetic and to relieve fever, nausea, general coughs, toothache, pains during pregnancy, dizziness, menorrhagia, depressed fontanelle, snakebites and gonorrhoea. The portal will be unavailable all day on Sunday 23rd Caatunaregam for maintenance. Butterflies were sampled during February and September using pollard walk method to assess the A Mini Review Desc: Orchidaceae family of Sanjay Gandhi National Park has been studied.

India Biodiversity Portal

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Message The user has shared this species from India Biodiversity Portal with you. II, Add Add References: Former genus belongs to Asterinace Leaves opposite on short lateral branchlets, to 4. Feeding habits and diet composition of gaur were studied at Bhagvan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary and Periyar Tiger Reserve Bark and fruits are used in India, Nepal and Africa as a fish poison.


Encyclopedia of Life EOL. Randia brandisii Gamble Randia dumetorum Retz. May spinoas referred to as or include habit, defined as the characteristic mode of growth or occurrence associated to its environment, particularly for plants.

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Year ISBN Description A very detailed book on some of the key Ayurvedic herbs, giving both technical and non-technical information on each plant. Views Read View source View history. Gardenia stipularis Rottler Genipa dumetorum Retz. We catunarsgam a systematic, updated checklist of larval host plants of the butterflies of the Western Observation specific search options Observed during.

Garg Creative Commons Attribution 3.

Last update on Fruiting branch Photograph by: Many of the botanical names have been changed spinoaa then, so you have to check for up to date names. Its main goal is summarize the most relevant or attractive characteristics of this taxon to the general public.


How many suns are in our solar system. Randia brandisii Gamble, Fl.

Catunaregam spinosa – Wikipedia

Kerala 18, 33; Sasidh. Leaves used to prepare medicine for fever. A spiny, much-branched large shrub or small tree up to 7. The present study was conducted to analyze tree species diversity in the tropical forests of the Ea Describes biorhythms – those states or conditions characterised by regular repetition in time, whether on the scale of seconds, spinoosa, days, or seasons.

Catnaregam brandisii Gamble, nom. If you would like to support this site, please consider Donating. A general description, with any kind of information about the taxon. Flower In axillary fascicles or solitary; white turning yellow.