2nd edition, Summary Family and Civilization is the magnum opus of Carle Zimmerman [], a distinguished sociologist who taught for many. Family and Civilization by Carle C. Zimmerman, The Family of. Tomorrow by Carle C. Zimmerman (review). Eva J. Ross. The Thomist: A Speculative Quarterly . A publishing event of major importance is the re-issue of Family and Civilization by Harvard sociologist Carle Clark Zimmerman (–).

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T he N atural F amily. Dec 29, Steven Wedgeworth rated it it was amazing.

Instead of the Triumphant March of Liberation presented by the Life Style Left, the late Harvard sociologist sees an ebb and flow of changes in family zimmermwn. The preliterate groups are small, so that a determined abnormal person can easily establish atypical types of behavior.

Family and Civilization

The proportion of out-of-wedlock births rose from 8 percent in to 42 percent in The individual is left more and more alone to do as he wishes.

Both the late Roman Empire and the barbarians familg parents to reject infants, arguing that they were not social beings unless their parents accepted them into the family. Kristin rated it really liked it Nov 20, No trivia or quizzes yet.

This could have been written in instead of in Hence, the atomistic family and the powerful civilizatipn government tend to co-exist. It is manifestly untrue to say that a determined abnormal person can easily establish atypical types of behavior in nonliterate groups.

In contrast, the atomistic family holds that sovereignty lies with the individual, as against the family. The family is the primary power in society, controlling individual action, punishing transgressions, and providing protection against enemy attack. This suggests that the restoration of the family can not happen without restoration of Biblical Christianity and the restoration of Biblical Christianity will be identified, in part, by a return to Christian marriages having many children.


Likewise, if the elites of society do not participate in familism, they will create institutions that encourage others to do the same. Professor Zimmerman is evidently not aware of the profound differences which exist between say traditional Chinese family and the present European and American family.

Family and Civilization – Carle C. Zimmerman – Google Books

And he shows the consequences of each structure for the bearing and rearing of children; for religion, law, and everyday life; and for the fate of civilization itself.

Thomas’ principle that the end of the apostolic life is contemplari et contemplata aliis tradere, he defines his terms with unmistakable precision and clears the air of the not infrequent confusion occasioned by those who treat contemplation as a means to action rather than as its “eminent cause.

Pages which deserve careful reading in view of current discussion of the relativt: Most significantly, the Church celebrated the bearing and raising of children. On the other hand, witness the relationship between Hitler and Germany.

Lance Kinzer rated it it was amazing Sep 11, What role does the family play in the total business of society?

Christensen and Robert W. To ask other readers questions about Family and Civilizationplease sign up.

He was off in his prediction of the collapse of the Cxrle he thought end of 20th century but his analysis that the West can not rejuvenate itself until and unless the family unit is delivered from its current hyper atomism was spot on. A Journal of World Affairs.


Family and Civilization by Carle C. Zimmerman

Zimmerman traces the evolution of family structure from tribes and clans to extended and large nuclear families to the small nuclear families and broken families of today. The present reviewer can find little agreement with Dr. While he agrees with Marx and Engels that family structure is powerfully linked with economics and politics, Zimmerman is more analytical and less ideological. Tim Wainwright rated it liked it Jan 11, Contact Contact Us Help.

More and more people abandon the effort, and the society stagnates demographically.

Selected pages Table of Contents. Instead of a contrast between the nuclear family and the individualist family, Zimmerman contrasts three different family types. The groups are so small that natural events such as an extreme storm, the loss of a familt, a fire, or a tribal quarrel-may kill only a small number of people, yet its psychological influence on the group may be greater than that of a major catastrophe such as the Black Death or a world war-among civilized peoples.

It bears a great deal of resemblance to the carlr formula prescribed by some psychoanalysts for world peace.