For example, when a processor uses a read request on the bus. In the figure of crossbar interconnection network, a single switch is shown at each cross point. In multistage network, multiple stage of switches are used to setup a path. Static interconnection networks for elements of parallel systems (ex. processors, A bus is the simplest type od dynamic interconnection networks. In response to control instructions set to its control input, the crossbar switch implements a Multistage connection networks are designed with the use of small elementary. connections, the switches or arbiters are used. Examples of such networks are buses, crossbar switches, and multistage networks. The dynamic networks are.

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In response to control instructions set to its control input, the crossbar switch implements a stable connection of a determined input with a determined output. The block diagram of the Clos network is shown in the figure below.

We will need to do multiple shuffles for all inputs to be connected jetworks all the outputs.

Multistage interconnection networks

Some examples of static regular interconnections are: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A binary tree, in which in the direction of the root, the number of connections between neughbouring nodes increases twice, provides a uniform transmission throughput between the tree levels, a feature not available in a standard tree.

The elementary crossbar switches can implement 4 types of connections: It selects one device according to a selected strategy ex. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Static interconnection networks for elements of parallel systems ex.

Some crossbar switches enable broadcast transmissions but in a blocking manner for all other connections. In the last case we speak budes a multicast transmission. This will lead to development of multistage interconnect networks in the future.


New connections can be ihterconnection during data transmissions through other connections. Fundamentals of Parallel Computer Architecture. The switching elements themselves are usually connected to each other in stages, hence the name.

These devices that are specified in the header, read-in the data transmitted over the bus. Retrieved from ” https: Multistage connection networks are designed with the use of small elementary crossbar switches usually they have two inputs connected in multiple layers. All receivers read and decode headers. Adn from one node, 2 or more connections go to different nodes towards the intercinnection – we say about a binary or k-nary tree.

In a single stage interconnect network, the input nodes are connected to output via a single stage of switches. A regular static interconnect is mainly used in small networks made up of loosely couple nodes. Interconnection network are used to connect nodes, where nodes can be a single processor or group of processors, to other nodes.

In such networks, there is no full freedom in implementing arbitrary connections when some connections have already been set in the switch. Multistage interconnection networks MINs are a class of high-speed computer networks usually composed of processing elements PEs on one end of the network and memory elements MEs on the other end, connected by switching elements SEs.

Multistage interconnection networks – Wikipedia

A crossbar switch has a number of input and output data pins and a number of control pins. Crossbar switches are built with the use of multiplexer circuits, controlledby latch registers, which are set by control instructions. Because of this property, these networks belong to the cathegory of so called blocking networks. Many devices can receive data. Static interconnection networks can have many structures such as a linear structure pipelinea matrix, a ring, a torus, a complete connection structure, a tree, a star, a hyper-cube.


The switches can then busez their own routing algorithm or controlled by a centralized router, to form a completely interconnected network. It can be achieved at the cost of additional redundant hardware included into the switch.

The connections between free pins can always be implemented independently on the status of other connections. For large network this interconjection be a problem. A multistage interconnect network is formed by cascading multiple single stage switches.

In a complete connection structure, all elements ex. The network diameter determines the number in intermediate transfers that have to be dine to send data between the most distant nodes of a network.

The extension cost for such a network is relatively low. Control instructions can request reading the state of specified input and output pins i. The regular structure signifies that the nodes are arranged in specific shape and the mulristage is integconnection throughout the networks. Accessing the bus must be synchronized. Such a switch was designed by a French mathematician Clos and it is called the Clos network. The diagrams of a typical crossbar switch are shown in the figure below.

If data are meant for all devices connected to a bus we speak about a broadcast transmission. A bus is the simplest type od dynamic interconnection networks.

So, we can speak about static or dynamic connection reconfiguration.