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See the chemical composition and physical properties of BS Grade M19, find alternative materials, and connect with suppliers. m19 delivered from stock. a medium tensile strength carbon manganese steel suitable for BS /, Chemical Composition, BS USAWELD – Carbon Manganese Steel – Colour: Black/Green BS Part 1: M19 BS EN 28Mn6 BS EN14A.

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In oil the critical full hardening diameters are mm. Supplied heat treated with a high tensile strength.

M19 Technical Guide :: The Metal Professionals – Acton Bright Steel

Bright bars for general engineering purposes. Besides that, Bebon Internationl has very good relationship with every big steel mill, so we could promise the delivery time and the competitive price compared with other companies. Supplied as black round bar and sections. Supplied in as-rolled, annealed and hardened and tempered condition in black square and round bar. Blankstabstahl fuer allgemeine technische Zwecke. It offers high resistance to corrosion.

We can supply more than tons M19 steel every month. BS M19 steel equivalent material. Click to learn more. Martensitic Magneticcan be hardened and tempered to give improved tensile strength.


Bars materialsSteels, Unalloyed steels, Alloy steels, Free-machining steels, Stainless steels, Cold-working, Bs790 tolerances, Straightness measurement, Specimen preparation, Sample location, Surface defects, Chemical composition, Tensile strength, Proof stress, Elongation, Impact strength, Hardness, Heat treatment, Impact testing, Test specimens. Part 1BSBS Used food processing and catering equipment and automotive trim,car bs70 systems etc.

Pocesses good resistance to scaling at high temperatures. The second and third number indicate the sulphur content x It has excellent low temperature properties.

Its chemical composition,provide the best all-round performance S.

150M19 stainless steel,BS 970 150M19 steel,150M19 Alloy structural steel

BS M19 steel M19 steel has medium strength. The coldstraining plasticity of M19 steel is high, low temperature property is good, weldability and machinability are passable. For continuous high temperature service in the range – oC. Provide good tough core strength with a hard nitrided surface for wear resistance. The number represents the manganese content x Use this information at your own risk.

Readily formed and welded,used mainly in domestic, dairy and decorative appliances general purpose grade for corrosion resistant applications. Supplied as black round or square bar and bright round or square, and hexagons. This grade is almost as popular as the grade the increased Mo content makes the steel more suitable for resisting pitting and crevice then Grade. A high quality nickel chromium case hardening steel.


Can be hardened to provide hard surface with a strong tough core.

Carbon Manganese Steels – Springfix Linkages

Welcome to visit the Bebon Ex-stock Trading Platform! Can be easily machined and welded. But in heat treatment M19 steel has the tendency of overheating, decarburization sensitivity and temper brittleness. The faster, easier way to work with standards. Henan Bebon Internationl Co. Modern equivalents to BS ;EN numbers A The steel is supplied to a chemical be970 determine by analysis of the batch sample. We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs.

Your basket is empty. Generally machined components and pipe fittings. The best source of material Information in the Web. Basic Notes on steels Lower Carbon grades S15 and less have improved weldability.