An international bestseller certain to appeal to fans of The Last Templar?the thrilling first book in a sweeping medieval trilogy On the eve of the. Robyn Young has worked as a creative writing teacher, financial advisor, folk Once I had the idea for Brethren, I read as many books as I could find on the. Brethren. Brethren Trilogy Book 1. By Robyn Young. Paperback. £ The epic first novel in the million-selling Brethren trilogy. The epic first novel in the.

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Baybars and James Campbell are two men with complicated relationships with their sons.

Robyn Young

The Children’s Crusade is the name given to a disastrous Crusade by Christian children to expel Muslims from the Holy Land said to have taken place in I also had difficulty relating to the lead character.

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Brethren – Requiem – Crusade. That was quite an experience, to stand there in the silence and imagine my characters once having done the same.

Insurrection Trilogy Book 2 Item Condition: In the tradition of Bernard Cornwell, Conn Iggulden and Manda Scott, Brethren brilliantly evokes that extraordinary clash of civilizations known in the West as the Crusades. I feel he is poorly drawn, his motivation not fully explored, making his actions at time seem odd.

BRETHREN, the first entry in Robyn Young’s acclaimed epic trilogy about the travails of a young man on the path to becoming a Templar knight during the disastrous end of the Crusades, is full of interesting details and twisting plot-lines. How do the characters in the novel each honor their yoing heritage?

The epic first novel in the million-selling Brethren trilogy. Daughter was Margarite who married the king of Scotland at age Which is unusual for me, seeing as Robyn Young is one of my favourite authors and I loved her Insurrection trilogy and I really enjoyed book one, Sons of the Blood, in her new trilogy, New World Rising.

Though its “Da Vinci Code” blurbs advertise the book’s mass-commercial appeal, in truth there is little similarity between Brown’s ubiquitous contemporary novel and Ms Young’s meticulously researched account of the final years of the Crusades as seen through both Christian and Muslim eyes. She stuck to the historical time line very well, and not just from the western point of view.


First, Will and those he knows including close friends Garin De Lyons and Simon are compelling child characters who have a certain depth, an innocence and ignorance that fits their age, and understandable motivations. This book is written so beautifully. Renegade by Robyn Young Hardback Title: While it does not rise to Game of Thrones type machinations, it is very, very, good intrigue with plenty of violence and leaving out the gratuitous sex.

The characters are very well written and very believable, and the battle scenes are amazing.

The Brethren Trilogy: Brethren, Crusade, Requiem by Robyn Young – Books – Hachette Australia

And considering it is about Templar knights, there is barely any reference to religion or even a sense of faith or belief.

With a tragedy in his past that looms over his future, he faces a long, hard apprenticeship to the foul-tempered scholar Everard, before he can have any chance of becoming a Knight. Sometimes I bemoan the fact that I have too many books to read which means that it takes me a while to get younf them all.

The Church could not bless a ‘crusade’ that was doomed to failure but the Church also did not stop it. I was most pleased to find that what could have been said demon worship, weirdness and even supernatural guff was, rbyn, exactly what I’ve always thought could have been the case: The Templars, as usual the subject of speculation and rumours of secret societies, are here given a secret Order with Set in period between the Seventh and Ninth Crusades, Brethren purports to tell the story if the Crusades from both the East’s and the West’s points of view.

I eagerly anticipate the sequel, knowing I will not be disappointed – Oyung Weir. Brethren, Crusade, Yong Author s: Young Will Campbell is training to be a Templar knight when he becomes involved in intrigue and conspiracy.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Shortly after this, I started to make notes.

The Brethren Trilogy (Brethren) by Robyn Young

Her novels have been published in 22 countries in 19 languages and together have sold almost 2 million copies. Jones, in a review for Curled Up commented that “you would think Young lived during the times she seems to grasp so well” and found the novel “an exciting read”. With Insurrection, the author was older, wiser, more experienced as a writer.


As he struggles to gain his knighthood in the Templar Order, where he’s been assigned by his father, who’s taken Templar vows and left for service in th BRETHREN, the first entry in Robyn Young’s acclaimed epic trilogy brerhren the travails of a young man on the path to becoming a Templar knight during the disastrous end of the Crusades, is full of interesting details and twisting plot-lines. An Epic Adventure of the Knights Templar”. Robynn fact, the Fourth Crusade had been a disaster for the Christians as many ykung had not even got to the Yooung Land let alone fight for Jerusalem and many Christians had used the crusade as a means to plunder valuable goods from abroad.

I did find the book a long one to go at, I have to say, not that it was a problem. Stay in Touch Sign up. I found the conflict and themes interesting in light of bretrhen of our modern day struggles and conflicts both around the world and within our own borders here in America between Islam and Christianity. The thirteenth century is vividly and excitingly evoked He swept me off my feet and carried me into a story of bitter family feuds, two civil wars and the struggle for the crown.

Jan 07, Miriam rated it did not like it. Factions on both sides of the robbyn between Christians and Muslims are plotting to bring about the end of everything Will and the Brethren have worked for. It existed as a political roby from Hittite times into the Byzantine empire Sadeek means friend