SUMMARY: ACOG has released guidance that addresses the trend in the United States to deliver term singleton fetuses in breech presentation. If the presentation of a breech presentation is confirmed at term, a . the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the. The incidence of breech presentation decreases from about 20% at 28 weeks of asphyxia or trauma.1,2 Caesarean section for breech presentation has been.

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Variations in practice may be warranted when, in the reasonable rbeech of the treating clinician, such course of action is indicated by the condition of the patient, limitations of available resources, or advances in knowledge or technology.

Premature Rupture of Membranes: There are no recent data to support the recommendation of cesarean delivery to patients whose second twin is in a nonvertex presentation, although a large multicenter randomized controlled trial is in progress http: The fetus’s heart rate is acot with fetal monitoring before and after ECV.

Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use. A condition in which the membranes that hold the amniotic fluid rupture before labor.

During pregnancy, it can be used to examine the fetus. In addition, the protocol presented by one report required documentation of fetal head flexion and adequate amniotic fluid volume, defined as a 3-cm vertical pocket A normal position assumed by a fetus in which the head is positioned down ready to be born first.

Natl Vital Stat Rep ;52 All ACOG committee members and authors have submitted a conflict of interest disclosure statement related to this published product.

Ultrasound also may be used to help guide the aocg. For products jointly developed with other organizations, conflict of interest disclosures by representatives of the other organizations are addressed by those organizations. Most children, of 1, Another report noted similar outcomes in women with planned vaginal delivery It can improve your chance of having a vaginal birth.


ECV usually is done near a delivery room. Planned vaginal delivery of a term singleton breech fetus may be reasonable under hospital-specific protocol guidelines for eligibility and labor management. The effect of the Term Breech Trial on medical intervention presentatin and neonatal outcome in The Netherlands: One report noted women in a vaginal breech trial with no perinatal morbidity and mortality The benefits of planned cesarean delivery remained for all subgroups identified by the baseline variables eg, older and younger women, nulliparous and multiparous women, frank and complete type of breech presentation.

The combined neonatal mortality rate decreased from 0.

There are several explanations for this seemingly contradictory finding. The risks of planned vaginal breech delivery versus planned caesarean section for term breech birth: The number of practitioners with the skills and experience to perform vaginal breech delivery has decreased.

If a vaginal breech delivery is planned, a detailed informed consent should be documented-including risks that perinatal or neonatal mortality or short-term serious neonatal morbidity may be higher than if a cesarean delivery is planned. Occasionally fetuses with certain birth defects will not turn into the head-down position before birth.

Obstetricians should offer and perform external cephalic version whenever possible. The ACOG policies can be found on acog. You usually need to meet certain guidelines specific to your hospital. Obstetrician-gynecologists and other obstetric care providers should offer external cephalic version as an alternative to planned cesarean for a woman who has a term singleton breech fetus, desires a planned vaginal delivery of a vertex-presenting fetus, and has no contraindications.

Between and35, term infants were delivered.

ACOG Committee Opinion No. Mode of Term Singleton Breech Delivery.

Of interest, a decrease in mortality also was seen in the emergency cesarean delivery group and the vaginal delivery group, a finding that the authors attribute to better selection of candidates for vaginal breech delivery. Even in academic medical centers where faculty support for teaching vaginal breech delivery to residents remains high, there may be insufficient volume of vaginal breech deliveries to adequately teach this procedure 2.

  ISO 3834-3 PDF

Oxytocin induction or augmentation was not offered, and strict criteria were established for normal labor progress.

Singleton vaginal breech delivery at term: This Committee Opinion is updated as highlighted to reflect a limited, focused change in the evidence regarding external cephalic version for breech hreech at term. A test in which sound waves are used to examine internal structures. Only 6 of the 16 infants who died in the neonatal period were presenattion centers participating in the follow-up to 2 years one in the planned cesarean delivery group, five in the planned vaginal delivery groupand most of the children with serious neonatal morbidity after birth survived and presentatiion normally.

The type of anesthesia used sometimes causes problems. However, the risk of complications is higher with a planned vaginal delivery than with a planned cesarean delivery. If this happens, ECV may be tried again.

If there is pressure put on the cord or it becomes pinched, it can decrease the flow of blood and oxygen through the cord to the baby. It is not intended to substitute for the independent professional judgment of the treating clinician.

ACOG Committee Opinion No. 340. Mode of term singleton breech delivery.

Your health care professional may be able to tell which way your fetus is facing by placing his or her hands at certain points on your abdomen. Additional updates have been made to reflect current practice regarding vaginal breech delivery.

Cochrane Database hreech Systematic ReviewsIssue 7. Inthe rate of cesarean deliveries for women in labor with breech presentation was Neuraxial analgesia to increase the success rate of external cephalic version: Planned vaginal delivery of a term singleton breech fetus may be reasonable under hospital-specific protocol guidelines for both eligibility and labor management.