You may need a blenderized diet if you have mouth or throat problems or if your This diet consists of foods that have been blenderized and are thin enough to. January Issue. Blenderized Foods for Home Tube Feeding: Learn About the Benefits, Risks, and Strategies for Success By Theresa A. Fessler, MS, RDN, . With today’s high-performance blenders this is possible, and many home enteral nutrition (HEN) consumers and caregivers are using blenderized foods instead.

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Publisher of Today’s Dietitian. Food safety is a concern because unlike standard prepackaged EN products, freshly blenderized foods don’t undergo the canning process. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, The best liquids to use are those that add flavor and have added vitamins and minerals. People who exclusively use blenderized diets often recommend high-quality, commercial blenders.

Blenderized Diet What is it? Dietitians need to stress the importance of washing produce thoroughly, prompt refrigeration, and routine cleaning of blenders, utensils, and syringes to prevent microbial contamination. Commercial EN products are necessary for hospital use in that they contain concentrated sources of calories and protein and all the known essential vitamins and minerals in standardized amounts and in a convenient and safe form, yet they don’t contain the myriad phytochemicals fiet fibers found in whole foods.

This article will discuss the benefits and risks of home tube feeding with blenderized foods and provide strategies for its success.

For example, blenderized foods are medically inappropriate for people with severe maldigestion or malabsorption disorders who require elemental EN formulas. All liquids can be used to blenderize or thin foods. Always discuss any changes to your nutrition with your dietitian or doctor, but most find that replacing one can of formula per day with a Real Food Blends meal is a good way to re introduce your body to real food and start a blenderized diet.

Advertise Media Kit Gift Shop. For children, adequate growth is important. Frequent monitoring of anthropometric measurements is warranted to promote age appropriate growth.

The researchers concluded that blenderized diets have variable macronutrient content, which can hinder effective EN therapy. What can I eat and drink while on a blenderized diet?


Whatever you call it, the basics are the same: If you are blending fruits or vegetables, you can use less liquid. Eating small, frequent meals six to eight meals per day Eat a variety of foods from all the food groups to get a balanced diet Chunks of food in blenderized meals can lead to poor mouth care, cavities or choking Rinse out your mouth with water after each meal.

Pediatric patients blenedrized are dependent on gtube feedings may benefit from BTF for improvement in stool consistency, vomiting, and gtube intolerance.

The pureed diet by GT is an alternative diet that is well received by families of patients. Use of antacids, motility agents, and laxatives did NOT increase.

Try to use blenderized foods right away so they will not spoil. Great Valley Publishing Company, Inc. Breads, cereal, rice and pasta Whole-grain breads, cereals or crackers with nuts or seeds Fried rice or fried noodles Fruits and vegetables Fresh fruits or vegetables Fruits or vegetables with seeds or tough skins, such as strawberries, raspberries, pineapples, watermelons, tomatoes, corn, and celery Meat and meat substitutes Sausages and wieners or other meats with tough skins Poultry skin Fish with bones Fried meat and fried eggs Tough meat with a lot of gristle Nuts, seeds and crunchy bllenderized butter Cooked dried beans that do not have the hull outer covering removed Desserts Baked goods that are made with nuts or seeds, coconut, chocolate and butterscotch Other Foods Milk or yogurt products with nuts or seeds Popcorn Relish Alcoholic beverages What other diet guidelines should I follow?

A PBGT diet is an effective means of providing nutrition to children with feeding disorders. Cheese sauce Cottage cheese Cooked legumes such as split peas or split lentils bldnderized the hull outer covering Smooth peanut butter Desserts Smooth custard and pudding Shakes Desserts such as ice cream, sherbet and plain gelatin may need to be melted before eating Fats Melted butter or margarine and oil Cream cheese Salad dressing Smooth sauces or gravy Other liquids and foods Milk beverages blemderized smooth dket Tomato paste or sauce Blended, strained soup stock or cream soups Ground dift and spices, mustard, ketchup and other smooth condiments What should I limit or avoid eating or drinking while on a blenderized diet?


Blenderized Diet

The RD advised him to discard it because it hadn’t been refrigerated, and recommended he prepare fresh juice and keep it refrigerated to prevent spoilage.

If done properly, blenderized foods in feeding tubes can be safe and healthful and improve patient satisfaction; however, it can be difficult to ensure that full nutrition needs are met, and there are some risks. Thousands of people are unable to eat by mouth and therefore require long-term home enteral tube feedings. Blenderized foods are a benefit for home EN consumers who have intolerances or are allergic to certain ingredients in standard EN formulas such as soy or casein. This is how tube-fed people were nourished before commercial formulas became popular in the s.

Moving Forward The use of blenderized foods for tube feeding is uncommon, but it’s becoming more popular among home EN patients and RDs.

Blenderized Diet | Maxillofacial Surgery | Dartmouth-Hitchcock

You know the benefits of real food. Updated April 8, The right thickness and temperature of blended foods may be different for each person on this diet. Who uses a blenderized diet? Currently, there are little to no published professional standards for the use of blenderized foods for tube feeding. How times have changed! Mealtime Notions LLC; They enjoy sharing family meals, a varied diet, the sight and aromas of foods, and even a faint taste sensation after burping.

Consumers are advised to consult with their physicians and dietitians for their specific health needs. Breads, cereals, rice and pasta Breads and crackers without nuts Cooked, enriched cereals such as grits, Farina, Malt-O-Meal, or Cream of Wheat Cooked rice, pasta or noodles Fruits and vegetables Cooked or canned fruits without skins of seeds Cooked or canned vegetables without skins or seeds Meat and meat substitutes Cooked, tender meat, fish and poultry Infant strained meats baby foods Cooked boiled or poached eggs.