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bil brajson ni ovde ni tamo pdf – PDF Files

From this acreage, Revitalization, which is based on natural tamk, can be already tamk at the construction site plan and with that the sustainable development of the region can be realized, with that the problems of the industrial environment can be solved [7.

The results confirmed the knowledge that Austrian pine, Scots pine together with Manna ash are the most suitable tree species for afforestation even of the most extreme abandoned lands, especially on carbonate parent rocks.

Feb 29, Poruke: B ratios, what indicates a reduction of easily decomposable organic compounds, and tendency of positive development of qualitative parameters of humus. In this paper ovve will present the potential revitalization of industrial ecosystems through various types of ecoremediation on the specific case of industrial area Tezno in Maribor, where one of the brajon car factory in south-east Europe operated, it was called TAM.

Zeleni krovovi su veoma efikasna metoda ekoremedijacije urbanih ekosistema. Otpadna voda- kolektor zona II uzorkovano posle 8. Growth of stands of forest tree species on abandoned carbonate soils about years after their establishment is assessed.

They also have a social function, because they increase the harmony between the man and nature. They pollute the water mass itself as ovfe river Tamis, and surrounding land.

bil brajson ni ovde ni tamo pdf

The training on a polygon is designed with ten thematic learning pathways which are equipped with information boards, each thematic learning path also includes a thematic handbill with the learning routes through Dravinjska dolina. The aim of the project is to integrate the regional approach to identifying, analyzing and modeling of degraded area of Serbia, take care of all parameters that influence at the processes of degradation.


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Following year we observed for some individuals an invasion of everywhere-present rhizomorphs of Armillaria sp.

On the basis of atmospheric precipitation and around groundwater samples, the positive trend of nitrates in karst groundwaters was noticed. Ecoremediations offer a range of solutions for the rehabilitation of degraded areas, while also providing a more stable natural systems and improve the condition of natural elements in the living environment, which has a direct impact on better quality of life of humans and other living creatures.

Currently, there is a great interest in the program, but deep-going problems with project implementation caused the poor enforcement of afforestation.

At that time right of use has been superior to land ownership. Waters are mainly polluted with nutrients, oil, heavy metals and organic substances. Agricultural land change in time period year in Serbia It this aricle, it has been analised artifical and farmland in Srebia, defined by Corine Land Cover methodology, for time period year.

Mnoga organska jedinjenja mogu da dovedu do mutacija i biti kancerogena [4]. Jezero je ponovo napunjeno Destination of increasing industrial ecosystem functions with ecoremediations is reflected in the fact that in addition to impacts on water retention, water purification and the creation of biotope ovce simultaneously prevent the negative effects of noise, smell, wind, dust.

These areas are the habitat of many plant and animal species. The possibility of the partly substitution of peat with sertain organic substratum in the pots seedlings production of some conifers.

Tako je i sa prirodom, s obzirom da priroda bolje zna. Miscanthus giganteus increment parameters in the early stage of development. However, there have been started a series of educational activities including primary and secondary schools and universitys as well. There were opinions in forest practice that their recultivation or eventual afforestation is impossible. Additional value of ecoremediations is also that, they have a high preventive effect and contribute brajspn the coexistence of man and nature, and are in they are very favorable from financial terms.

The ttamo tree species have also the best height and diameter growth. People have utilized river flows for different purposes, first as drinkable water, and later for economic activities agriculture, mining, transport, industry ….

U kompleksnom lancu ishrane, krajnji proizvod koji se pojavljuje kao output pojedinih jedinki, predstavlja hranu input drugih. In order to eliminate the negative impacts of agriculture on the environment, it brajeon necessary to develop an entirely new approach to the production, which should provide brajaon duration and self-healing of certain natural factors.


Influential villagers, politicians and local residents have to work together to protect the environment and this is crucial for the successful revitalization of brownfield sites. Maximal value of Ca content reached 0.

Incomplete fuel combustion is one of the key sources of pollution. Njihove osnovne uloge su: At the highest content of total protein was influenced by variety. In Slovakia the program may be supported, besides the farmers’ own resources, by financial funds for development of the Slovak labor market, for maintaining ecological balance in the country by eliminating soil degradation, for reducing the greenhouse effect as well.

Nova biblioteka Matice srpske. Due to symbiotic activity of all actors there is no additional energy and waste in the environment, but everything is used again. Favourable effect on health condition of plantations is confirmed as well.

One of the most important problems of modern man certainly is waste – a constant companion of human society. The method is cheap and effective. Canton, “Prediction of daily ozone concentrations and maxima in urban atmosphere”. Ecoremediations are fully compatible with software instruments and strategies for further development of Slovenia.

Today there are a various number of high technologies which can effectively sanitate degraded areas but these tehnologies usually require a lot of input energy and money, are operationally too difficult and often do not achieve the aims of sustainability.

Karta je dvodimenzionalni, geometrijski prikaz trodimenzionalnog prostora. Republika Srpska has heterogeneous soil layers. Mastnak, “Besedilo o trajnosti”,Ljubljana, pp. Positive results of the combination of both products appear already one year after application, mainly in the rich development of fine root hair of beech.

Future technological innovations related to the elimination of environmental issues will be for current and future generations just as revolutionary as it was the invention of the steam engine in the second half of the 18th century.