by Bhikkhu Bodhi A Factorial Analysis of the Noble Eightfold Path can be summed up in two principles: the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path . The Noble Eightfold Path has ratings and 48 reviews. Jo said: I read this book for a class, and our teacher told us that Bhikkhu Bodhi is one of the. The Noble Eightfold Path___The Way to the End of Suffering___by Bhikkhu BodhiISBN XFirst edition published as Wheel.

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Its prolific for me to pragmatically use it on my life. But this book is so much more than that. Sometimes his sentences explode with meaning. Strive hard in meditation. When his hair began to turn white, he gave up the household life leaving his dominions to his eldest son.

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This is a detailed exposition by the Venerable Mahakaccana on Vipassana meditation of the five khandhas as explained by the Buddha in the Bhaddekaratta Sutta. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. The Brahmin Janussoni asked the wandering ascetic Pilotika, who had just come back from the Buddha, whether he knew all the virtues and accomplishments of the Buddha.

To me, a very illuminating and inspiring work worth every penny and each moment spent. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

They went to the Buddha for settlement of their dispute. It also mentions the five fetters: They wanted to know then if the Samgha had agreed upon a certain bhikkhu to be their head.

The Noble Eightfold Path

Still learned a lot from this book and it is definitely worth a re-read. Vibanga Vagga 1 Bhaddekaratta Sutta This sutta which means ‘a discourse on a night pathh good meditation’ gives a detailed description of Vipassana meditation.

This is an extensive piece of work. The author does a decent job of simplifying the path and putting in everyday language. If I could do it over I would have picked a different book for the Eightfold Path. This sutta describes how a bhikkhu should develop sila, samadhi and panna, instead of hankering after gain and fame; how he should restrain his faculties, seeing danger in the slightest fault.


Bhikkhu Bodhi – Intro to Buddhism – Free Download

There are numerous wonderful books available that would benefit most people before delving into such a comprehensive book. These factors can vary in their intensity from sitting to sitting.

I bhikkh it out of curiosity about the notion of “right speech” one bodi the folds of the noble 8x pathbut to be honest and not slanderous, harsh, idle or falsethe Wikipedia entry on the noble eightfold path – my starting point – Dry is the word that comes to mind.

The Buddha once told Ananda that he often dwelt in the liberation of the void, Sunnata-vihara.

An immanent universal law holds sway over volitional actions, bringing it about that these actions issue in retributive consequences, called vipaka, ‘ripenings,’ or phala, ‘fruits'” p. When kamma is explained, it’s not excessively clear: December 15, Imprint: You don’t get the stories a meditation teacher is likely to garner from sitting on the front cushion, nor do you get glib, funny anecdotes from the author’s everyday life experience.

Nanamoli’s translation of the Majjhima Nikaya.

To realize one is to realize the other. This sutta recounts the dialogue between the Venerable Siriputta and the Venerable Punna at Savatthi on the seven stages of purity, such as purity of sila, purity of mind, purity of view etc. This discourse was given at the Royal mango grove at Mithila. Cards of some sort would have helped with my understanding and retention of this material.

This discourse, given by the Buddha, at Kapilavatthu to the Sakyan Prince Mahanama to explain to him on his request, how greed, ill will and noblee caused moral defilements and suffering.

That he is a monk practiced in a discipline not commonly seen in North America shows itself in the book. Ego, Attachment and Liberation. The Buddha said that this Teaching was not for the purpose of gain and bhokkhu which were like the external shoots and branches of a tree; nor just for the accomplishment in sila which may be likened to the outer crust of a tree; nor for mere establishing of concentration to achieve supernormal powers which were like the bark of a tree.


He knew only the wrong methods of developing concentration. This discourse was givenbythe Buddha at Savatthi in connection with the Brahmin Pingalakoccha who asked the Buddha whether all the six teachers claiming to be Buddhas were really enlightened.

Bhikkhus should practise to see the advantages of engaging in wholesome thoughts and the dangers of unwholesome thoughts. The endnotes have been moved from the end of the book to the end of the chapters in which the notes appear. Once we correct our view of reality, everything follows. The Mindful Way through Anxiety. Not a book to inspire, but the author is adept at organization and I found myself adopting his bhik,hu serviceable scaffolding as I tried to construct a coherent model for how the Factors in the eightfold path relate eoghtfold one another and to many other of Buddhism’s multitudinous lists.

It took me a long time to slog along this schematic outline of the path and I don’t feel all that much enlightened, or satisfied though I have now had it drummed into me that the notion of satisfaction is illusory.

The Noble Eightfold Path: Way to the End of Suffering

This discourse was delivered at Campa in connection with Kandaraka, the wandering ascetic, and Pessa, son of elephant rider, who marvelled at the silence maintained by the huge congregation of bhikkhus, not making any sound, not even a sneeze nor a cough. Contemplating the impermanent nature of each of those dhammas would lead one to Nibbana. The Buddha showed him how wrong his belief was.

My only objection is that it was too short.

Then he explained to him the dhamma in some detail. Would you like us to take another look at this review? Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

If anyone can point me at any thematic discussions of this, I’d be impermanently grateful.