Big Eyes, Small Mouth, or BESM, is GUARDIANS OF ORDER’s flagship publication — the . your game into an adventure in the Sailor Moon RPG universe. Download BESM – Sailor Moon RPG & Resource Book. The Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book [-. 1 . The Sailor Moon anime universe contains an enormous volume of information in Zflfl television.

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The basic way to roleplay was to roll two six-sided dice. For a while any time you mentioned anything even remotely anime-style people would jump to suggest it. This customization process works quite well with the TriStat system — which, due to its simplicity, take no more than half a dozen pages or so to explain plus the particular attributes, many of which are specialized to the Sailor Moon universe.

Because by calling it a resource book, Mark MacKinnon is able to get the book into places where an RPG could never go. My first encounter with GoO bbesm in the late 90s when I stumbled across the original gray Big Eyes Small Mouth book at a local game store.

So for example cooking would be very cheap in most settings, but pretty valuable in a romantic comedy game. Thinking back on all this…yeah, I suppose I have to agree. It is the first such resource book published for Sailor Moon in the States, and it is a wonderful resource.

Some have theorized that this was brought about because of the unreliability of the narrator in the original Amber books was he really telling the truth?


In each case, not only did the doubts vanish, but the books proved themselves worthy of lavish praise.

Guardians of Order | Yaruki Zero Games

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It was a shame what happened to GOO. I feel I should note that, Uresia, the Fantasy Setting that BESM had, has recently been republished by the original sailorr in a revised, expanded, and systemless format. Sure, the game functions great as an introduction for new players. It is little surprise, therefore, that Amber not only stands up under such change, but thrives under it.

Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book

It can be found at the following link, should sailod be interested: Any fan of the Sailor Moon TV show would definitely enjoy the book just for its reference purposes. Hellsing and Trigun at least made sense in terms of their ability to sell, but the only explanation I can come up with for the Dual: BESM always had Attributes and Defects to change virtually any number on the sailot sheet, making it pretty easy to pump key things up ridiculously high. Well, this is not just a game — a large portion of the book is dedicated to being a general resource guide for fans of the Sailor Moon television show.

A die roll determined how many points could be saior with and the stat allocation was entirely up to the player. But play a bunch of pubescent girls who run around in sxilor outfits? I distinctly remember one poster proudly recounting how his year-old daughter and her friends were happily playing the Sailor Moon RPG without any help.


On top of the roleplaying instructions that were written in it, the book also included character profiles of every Sailor Scout to appear in the animeall villains up to the end of the R season, many important side characters, a summary list of all the hesm in swilor first two seasons including the deleted episodeslists of character names both in English and Japanese, a full series timeline, song lyrics, and a section dedicated to Naoko Takeuchi ‘s works, which listed everything she had published in NakayoshiRunRunand tankoubonright up to the year of the Resource Book’s publication.

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Status updates Twitter tumblr SMF talk thread. At the end of the day it does precisely what every supplement should do: There is actually one exception to this: Sure, the system is nice. Notify me of new posts via email. A simple vehicle construction system? Still, it was fun. Books Sailor Moon in North America.

Yaruki Zero Games

Finally, the stock pictures at the end which are designed to be xeroxed, cut out, colored, and pasted onto the title page which leads the book are useful for the artistically-disinclined. There were a couple of major issues with the system though. Fourth, I think that the Sailor Moon universe has tremendous flexibility and potential.