Take a look below at the different signals a Banksman or Traffic Marshal would use when controlling work operations on site. In Irish and British civil engineering, a banksman is the person who directs the operation of a They may use a system of hand signals or a radio link. Learn the standard Slinger Signaller hand signals with the Health & Safety Training Ltd guide to ensuring the safety of the cherry picker operator.

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The hard shoulder may bankdman used for traffic, but be aware that there may be broken down vehicles ahead of you.

When acting as a Banksman, you must be over the age of Was this article useful?

Safety Resources

Check out the CO2 emissions for new vans with our CO2 calculator? Vehicle Banksman on-site suffer serious and fatal injuries at work every year; this highlights the need for attending proper training before conducting this role. Related content by tag: Training is a proven route to better worksite safety. Signalling A safe system of work will be implemented on site in which the Banksman can communicate with vehicle drivers by using standard signals.

Most popular articles in FTA van and truck legal advice.

They help to guide the drivers of large vehicles while making manoeuvres on site, ensuring they are made safely without putting the site operatives or driver in risk of danger. In addition to deaths and injuries, significant damage can be done to both vehicles and other equipment in an uncontrolled work environment. View Our Resource List.


Every year banksmen suffer serious and fatal injuries whilst at work. An operator licence cannot be transferred, but it may be possible the commissioner will allow any operating centres to be transferred and this may reduce the time taken for approval of the new licence. Electricity At Work Poster Code: Take a look below at the standard signals which are provided by the Health and Safety Signs and Signals Regulations L Please subscribe me to the 3B Training mailing list.

This website uses non-intrusive signalz to improve your user experience. There are five such levels: The signals are detailed in the following illustrations. So, what does the Highway Code say about contraflows? A – switch to normal size A – switch to large size A – switch to larger size.

baanksman Banksman signals If you use banksmen to direct bansman or cranes there must be a safe system of work that ensures that they, along with the driver, are using standard signals that are easily understood, and that the driver knows to stop the vehicle immediately if the banksman disappears from view. In collaboration with our industry partners, we develop innovative training courses to meet the changing needs of a dynamic and progressive oil and gas industry.


Traffic Management: Signalling and Banksman

We use cookies to provide a better experience. Rule of the Highway Code states that contraflow systems mean you may be travelling in a narrower lane than normal and with no permanent barrier between you and oncoming traffic. Begin typing to search View all results. You bxnksman to ensure that everyone involved in the work is wearing the correct PPE such as high-vis jackets.

eLCOSH : Excavator Hand Signals

Areas of potential confusion have been clarified, and graphical clarity reviewed. The items selected have been added to your basket. If you do use banksmen, make sure they are trained to carry out their duties safely. Fleet News Awards Here, it provides guidance on banksman signals and contraflow systems. You appear to have Javascript dissabled: Home Banksman Signals Poster.

HSE aims to reduce work-related death, injury and ill health. In charge of directing large vehicle onto and around site, the banksman or traffic marshal has an important job on construction sites.