Baeckea frutescens is a natural remedy recorded to be used in curing various health conditions. In Peninsular Malaysia, B. frutescens is found. Baeckea frutescens L. Show All Show Tabs baeckea. General Information. Symbol: BAFR4. Group: Dicot. Family: Myrtaceae. Duration: Growth Habit. Baeckea frutescens L. is one of herbs of Myrtaceae tribe [1] that potential to be cultivated Essential oil extract from B. frutescens L’s roots is likewise anti-.

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Phenolic compounds refer to plant substances which possess one or more aromatic ring that bears one or more hydroxyl furtescens and, this characteristic gives phenolic compounds the potential quench free fruteacens, thus making them good antioxidants. An evergreen, heather-like shrub or small tree up to 8 m tall; bark greyish brown, fissured and flaky; branches upright, then spreading and drooping, with wiry ends.

This indicates that when using different methods, the same antioxidants may yield significantly different activity depending upon various mechanisms of antioxidant action [ 1920 ].

In trade the leaves of B. The absorbance data was then expressed as a percentage of inhibition by comparison to a negative control blank. The essential oil can be obtained by distillation.

Baeckea frutescens Images – Useful Tropical Plants

Extraction and fractionation Extraction was done using the solvent extraction method, whereby fresh B. Reducing power assay The reducing power of B. The antioxidant capacity of extracts fdutescens DPPH radical scavenging, reducing power and metal chelating assay.


Inflorescence axillary, 1-flowered; peduncle absent or very short; pedicel 0.

Baeckea frutescens

The ability of extracts to scavenge free radicals is related to hydrogen atoms or electron donation capabilities and the conformations of the antioxidant compounds [ 15 ]. The beneficial properties of natural products are endless. The cytotoxic activity of the extracts were evaluated against two lung carcinoma cell lines with varying molecular characteristics using the MTT [3- 4, 5-dimethylthiazolyl -2, 5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide] assay. NAW evaluated the data and edited the manuscript.

Natural products as sources of new drugs over the period — The fresh leaves of B. There is an apparent shift from synthetic chemicals to natural chemicals in various fields, be it in food chemistry antioxidants and food dyes or even drug discovery for various ailments.

The effect of B. The current study showed that B.

Since both the DPPH scavenging assay and reducing power frufescens are based on the electron transfer principles, it is not surprising that similar trends were frytescens in both studies. The lack of ability to disrupt the biochemical pathways present in the cancer cells may have been a cause as to why the extracts from this plant failed to exert a substantial cytotoxicity effect against the tested cancer cells. It is externally fruhescens as an antiseptic in treating furunculosis and impetigo.

Iran J Chem Chem Eng. Evidently, one such plant with these potentials is B. The rats were divided into four groups three treatment groups and one control group. Received Feb 27; Accepted Jun 8. Both extract-treated group and vehicle-treated group did not exhibit any abnormalities in behaviour, breathing, disruption in food and water consumption, skin effects and hair loss.


Acute oral toxicity of B.

Baeckea frutescens Images

The timber is hard, dark brown and very durable but of small dimensions. The cells were then treated with B. All authors have read and approved the final manuscript. SN and KSS wrote the manuscript.

On the other hand, ethyl acetate showed the weakest metal chelating ability with an EC 50 value of 0. All assays were performed in triplicates.

The hexane extract displayed a mild cytotoxic effect on both A and Frutexcens human lung carcinoma cell lines. The essential oil extracted from this plant is used in the treatment of rheumatism by the locals. This could be an indication that the tumour suppressor gene has no or minimal involvement in the mechanism of cell death induced by the hexane extract.

Estimation of acute oral toxicity in barckea by determination of the approximate lethal dose rather than the LD The control group was just treated with the vehicle, which was 0. Results and Discussion Total phenolic content of B. Conclusion The findings in the present study suggest B.