BackupPC acts as a server and is installed on a Linux system, and from there . Documentation contains the whole BackupPC documentation. Adding a CGI Administrator to BackupPC; Modifying the etc. can be found in the BackupPC Documentation: Step 9 CGI Interface. As BackupPC operates on services running on a remote host, I will call Please read BackupPC documentation: step 5 of client setup for a full.

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You can manually see whether a given host have a DNS entry according to perl’s gethostbyname function with this command:.

BackupPC Documentation

Alternatively, everything can go in the Apache httpd. In this dialog box you can enable sharing, select the share name and permissions.

Also, currently running backups will not be terminated when the disk usage exceeds this number. The rest of this section describes the old pool layout.

The main compensation for continuing to work on BackupPC is knowing that more and more people find it useful. In the case of NFS or rsh you need to make sure BackupPC’s privileges are sufficient to read all the files you want to backup. Documentayion BackupPC mailing lists exist for announcements backuppc-announcedevelopers backuppc-develand a general user list for support, asking questions or any other topic relevant to BackupPC backuppc-users.


Otherwise, set it to the destintation domain, eg: By clicking the “Start Archive” button you are presented with the list of hosts and the approximate backup size note this is raw size, not projected compressed size Select the hosts you wish to archive and press the “Archive Selected Hosts” button.

A summary of what email was last sent to each user, and when the last email was sent. These packages can be used as complete solutions, or also as back ends to BackupPC to backup the BackupPC server data to tape. For example, if c: This can be set to a string, an array of strings, or, in the case of multiple shares, a hash of strings or arrays.


When you run configure. When it sees the second and subsequent hardlinks to the same file, it dumps just the hardlink information.


The level of this dump. This directory contains a variety of files that look like regular files but they are special files that don’t need to be backed up eg: In particular, you should specify which users or groups have administrator privileged access: It maintains queues of pending backup requests, user backup requests and administrative commands. Extra tar arguments for full backups. Modify the ‘hosts allow’ parameter and create any and all paths that you require. When undefined, the default is seconds.

BackupPC is highly documenttion and easy to install and maintain. This works by deleting every other full as each expiry boundary is crossed. In versions prior to 3. Additional arguments added to RsyncArgs. Any immediate errors will be printed to stderr and BackupPC will quit.

Backups were stored in whatever charset the XferMethod provided – typically documetation for smbclient and the client’s locale settings for rsync and tar eg: Only for file archives. See the documentation for more information. Filling is no longer useful, since file mangling and compression doesn’t make a filled backup very useful. If this number is decreased, the extra old backups will be removed.

If a V3 file matches, it is simply moved renamed the the V4 pool with it’s new filename based on the V4 digest. Therefore, there is no need to do multiple restores from the incremental and full backups: Shared secret to make the TCP port secure. The partial backup is removed when the next successful backup completes, or if another full backup backhppc resulting in a newer partial backup.


The setuid script won’t work unless perl on your machine was installed with setuid emulation. All except unix-domain sockets are supported by BackupPC there’s no point in backing up or restoring unix-domain sockets since they only have meaning after a process creates them.

If you are editing a text box you will need to click outside of the text box to make the Save button appear. However, the documentatlon number of hardlinks in the pool will make the memory usage large and the copy very slow. Comments and suggestions are welcome. The rsync XferMethod can take advantage of the partial full when the next backup is run.

Some users have reported running out of inodes on their BackupPC data partition. At some sites the disk-based backup will be adequate, without a secondary tape backup.

This is a four step process:. This might mean an extra full backup has to be kept until the following incremental backups expire. The tar file is written to stdout. In this installation the configuration and log directories are located in the following locations:. The host-specific configuration can be edited from the host summary page using the link in the left navigation bar.

To build and install these packages you should use the cpan program. Your browser should prompt you with the file name and ask you whether to open the file or save it to disk.