AWWA M PE Pipe – Design and Installation. Document Language: English; Published By: American Water Works Association (AWWA); Page Count: PE Pipe – Design and Installation MANUAL OF WATER SUPPLY PRACTICES M55, First Edition AWWA MANUAL M55 First Edition American Water Works. AWWA M55 is not a standard, but rather a design manual according to the recommendations of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) covering all .

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To accomplish this, one or more cooling tanks are set up downstream of the sizing sleevehank, and the pipe is pulled through each. Figures through are general illustrations of truckload and packaging config- urations. A PE piping system that is subjected to recurring surges over its service life will experience a greater number of surge events compared to a system that is subjected to occasional surges.

The fitting joint is made by inserting a barbed nipple into the pipe bore and tightening a clamp or draw- ing a clamp over the pipe outside diameter over the barbed nipple.

However, once the extruder is oper- ating at steady-state, almost all of the heat needed to melt the PE pellet feed comes from friction caused by the shearing of the PE material by the revolving screw while it is mixing and compressing the plastic. Occasional surge pressures are caused by emergency operations.

Mechanical equipment is typically used to hold the pipe and the fitting, especially for 2-in. The strings are positioned along the pipe run and joined together by moving the fusion machine from string to string.

– ATV A Standard vs. AWWA M55 manual

The data logging device can also be used as a training aide for opera- tors. Applying force to fuse and join the component ends together. These flaws, whether microscopic or macroscopic in nature, act to intensify any nominal stress applied within the localized region. PE itself is inert and therefore not prone to galvanic action, which these solubles may initiate in other piping materials. Silo packs and other palletized packages should be unloaded from the side with a forklift.


The following equation may be used to determine the allowable negative pressure or external pressure an unconstrained or unsup- ported pipe can resist without collapsing: When the pipe or part being tested survives, it is still in compliance with the dimensional requirements of the standard. The technique for developing an HDB rating is outlined in Chapter 1.

Pe Pipe Design And Installation (M55) (Awwa Manual)

PE pipe can safely withstand considerable deformation and is therefore classified as a flexible pipe. Pipes with large depths of cover and operating at low zyxw pressures may have compressive stresses in the pipe wall.

At the rear axle seach wheel load is 0. The relative stiffness of the piping material as reflected in the flexural modulus is specified to be betweenandpsi per ASTM D by the designation of a 5 in the third character position of the D cell class designation. This suggests that unrestrained 5m5 will expand or contract con- siderably in response to thermal fluctuation. See Holtz and Kovacs8.

The ATV A methodology is more conservative when coming to the treatment of the “long term” analysis, especially in the case of thermoplastic materials, as it considers that the pipe will be permanently loaded in time and, therefore, it has to be always verified for every long term load using the materials long term properties creep module, ultimate stresses.

As a result, new tests have been developed that assess the slow crack growth resistance of the materials. It is suggested that for a given application, the designer m555 E’ values in both Table and Table and use the most conservative.

The load and pipe reaction calculations may not apply to pipes installed by trenchless technologies, such as pipe bursting and directional drilling. Failure is defined as cracks that are visible on the surface of the specimens.

A pipe is exposed to a pressure of four times its pressure class for a period of five seconds. As such, it is not subject to galvanic action and does not rust or corrode.

The recommended methodology of structural calculation is one of the ten chapters that the manual contains and is exclusive for HDPE pipes although the guidelines are common to the Awww manuals of other types of pipes. For use in predicting initial deflections only; appropriate deflection lag factor must be applied for long-term deflections. While internal loads develop tensile stresses in the axial lon- gitudinal and ring circumferential directions, external k55 principally develop ring bending and ring compressive stresses.


Most often, pressure design is the con- trolling factor. Jorge Fontal added it Sep 23, Figure illustrates a typical electrofusion socket joint, and Figure illustrates an electrofusion control box and fitting. While AWWA methodology does not distinguish between vertical or sloping trench walls, in the ATV methodology the inclination angle of the walls of the trench is an important variable.

What is the result- ing velocity? To qualify aswa this stan- dard, testing must be conducted to verify that substances cannot be extracted by water in quantities that can reasonably be determined to result in toxic, carcinogenic, eratogenic, or mutagenic effects in humans who may be consuming water that comes in contact with products made from the subject material.

K55 also provides quality improvement programs for water and wastewater utilities. Find the pressure drop over 1, ft of this pipeline. And because PE is a viscoelastic material, the ring bending stress decreases over time1. As such, this piping material has found extensive utilization in the transport of a vari- zyxwvu zyxwvut ety of aggressive chemicals. Most mechanical fittings can be installed with basic hand tools.

Occasional surge pressure Pod. These values are conservative for use with larger diameter pipe, and any error incurred with their use for smaller diameter pipe is insignificant.

The value of E’ increases with increasing depth of cover. The screw plunges forward to force the molten PE through the die and into a zwwa, heated mold.