Aktiebolaget Trav och Galopp (ATG) är travsportens samverkansorgan för spel Första gången man kunde spela V64 var och i dag kan man spela V ATG Logotyp · Öppna konto. Logga in V75, V86, V64 och HARRY BOY är exempel på varumärken som tillhör AB Trav och Galopp. Våra regler och villkor. Win, Show, Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, Double, V3, V4, V5, V65, V64 and V Published by ATG, January Betting Regulations for the betting categories.

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You win if you correctly pick the two winning horses in two designated races. Pool betting All customers stakes are pooled and, after deduction of a percentage to cover overheads and contribution to racing, the pool of money is divided between those with the winning selections.

Frozen track A condition of a racetrack where any moisture present is frozen. Ticket A receipt that is issued by an association for one or more bets on a race. Blinker cups come in a variety of sizes and shapes to allow as little or as much vision as the trainer feels is necessary.

Horses sink into it noticeably. Trial Race Part of a series of contests in which horses participate for the purpose of determining eligibility for a subsequent contest. Soft track Condition of a turf course with a large amount of moisture. Bridle A piece of equipment, usually made of leather or nylon, which fits on a qtg head and is where other equipment, such as a bit and the reins, are attached.

ATG and Swedish Horse Racing – Our Games

Post Time The scheduled starting time for a contest. Post Position The pre-assigned position from which a horse will leave the starting gate. D Daily Double Daily Double A type of bet on two races on a racing card to select the winning horse in c64 official result in each race.

S Saddle Saddle A thoroughbred racing saddle is the lightest saddle used, weighing less than two pounds. Novice Jump horse that has never won a race prior to current season. Stretch Home Final straight portion of the racetrack to the finish.


Owner A person who holds any title, right or interest, whole or partial in a contestant, including the lessee and lessor of a contestant. Past Performances A horse’s racing record, earnings, bloodlines and other data, presented in composite form.

O Oaks Arg A stakes event for three-year-old fillies females.

Horses which have made repeated breaks during races are required to re-qualify before being allowed to return to the races. The number of products combined with a low price per betting combination allows skillful players to include a lot of good horses at a reasonable cost, and in doing so greatly increase their chances of accessing one of the biggest betting pools in the business. U Under Wraps Under Wraps Arg under stout restraint in a race or workout to keep v4 from pulling away from the competition by too large a margin.

F False Favorite False Favorite Horse that is a race favorite despite being outclassed by other competition in the field. Show is offered on every race at various racetracks throughout Sweden. The highest dividend in was 2, Double is offered twice every race day at various racetracks throughout Sweden.

Horses sink very deeply into it. Stretch Runner Horse that runs its fastest nearing the finish of a race. Also, horses which have been away from the races for a long period of time usually over one monthmust race in a qualifying race before being allowed to enter into a betting race.

Q Qualifier Qualifier A race without a purse or wagering that is used to determine a horse’s ability and manners.

Aktiebolaget Trav och Galopp

Prep race A workout or race used to prepare a horse for a future engagement. Find out why Sweden has some of the best horseracing in the world. L Late Scratch Late Scratch A horse that is withdrawn from a race after betting on that race has begun. Rail The position closest to the inside perimeter of a racetrack. You win if you correctly pick the winning combination of the first and second horse in exact order.

You win if you correctly pick the first, second or third horse.

Place To finish second tag third in a race. When a horse draws post position one, it is considered to have drawn the “rail. Tongue Tie Strip of cloth-type material used to stabilize a horse’s tongue to prevent it from “choking down” in a race or workout or to keep the tongue from sliding up over the bit, rendering the horse uncontrollable.



Work The finish line of a race. Y Yielding Yielding Condition of a turf course with a great deal of moisture. Trip An individual horse’s race, with specific reference to atv difficulty or lack of difficulty the horse had during competition, e. C Calculating Pool Calculating Pool The portion of the net pool that remains after deduction of the total value or the net value, as the case may be, of all bets on the winning horses in that pool. Racing sheet A starting-list, a list with the horses that are starting in one race.

Like us on facebook to get all the latest information about Swedish horseracing and our major races. Heat One of a number of events to determine the ultimate winner of a race. If more than one horse offers the smallest return, there are said to be joint or co-favorites. Jog Slow, easy gait. Stayer A horse f64 can race long distances. Racing points The horses get points at races if they win or are placed.

Daily Double is offered at the track with the main product of V75, V86, V64 or V65 and Lunch Double is offered at day racing together with main product of V4. Trotter A atv gait of a horse in which his front leg on one side of his body moves in the same direction as the hind leg on the opposite side of his body.

Aktiebolaget Trav och Galopp – Wikipedia

Also known as a “tongue strap. J Jockey Jockey A professional rider licensed to ride in races. Favorite The horse in each race which produces the smallest return shortest price for a customer.

Quinella Selection of the first two finishers, irrespective of order, for a single contest. Quinella is offered on every trotting race at various racetracks ayg Sweden.