In this week’s ESOblog post she tells us about her role in creating the AstroCalendar, a database of astronomical events that brings the past. Implementation: This use case will be implemented by the AstroCalendar module of D2D. AstroCalendar is a project of ESO, for the ESO Supernova Planetarium. Astronomical Calendar for October: Link >>> com/astrocalendar/html#oct. The current month’s.

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Federation of Astronomical Societies

On Monday we showed you the new Calibre de Cartier Diverthe first in-house tool watch from the maison. Read the paper here: Subscribe Contact Site Map. Science has come from people of all ages and levels — some discoveries were even made by amateur astronomers in their back gardens! The following are use cases which qstrocalendarium currently being implemented by Content Providers. One of the most challenging but interesting steps was when we started to include dynamic events happening in the sky — like bright comets, close encounters with Near Astrocalednarium Objects, and visible passages of the International Space Station — from other feeds.

The case, crown, and bezel are all platinum, though the black alligator strap is 2031 closed by an 18k white gold buckle. The number of events indicates the number of data items that are already available. This use case will be implemented by the AstroCalendar module of D2D. Around 10 Increment per year: The outermost ring displays the date, the middle ring the astrocalendariu, and the innermost ring the day of the week — the leap year indicator is actually housed on the movement itself, as the information is not necessary on a daily basis.


SpaceWatchtower: Astronomical Calendar: October

They can then base their own show astrocalsndarium this news feed, and this is already happening around the world! Find more blog posts from guest bloggers and interviews with astronomers here on the ESOblog.

Today we have something for you from the opposite end of the spectrum. Time, date, and month are all set via the crown, while a simple corrector advances the day.

At 32mm wide and 8. Just looking at this movement, you can tell it is not like your usual perpetual calendar.

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The biggest innovation of the new in-house calibre MC is that the main functions are all controlled by gears instead of levers. Also, to prepare the educational activities we involved local schools and the teaching community, which was really fabulous. Subscribe to receive news from ESO in your language. Data2Dome gathers and shares lots of multimedia content from places like NASA and ESA and enables planetarium presenters to act as astronomical weathermen.

Do you have a favourite astronomical event that you felt should be included in the AstroCalendar? It is quickly discovered by presenters worldwide in the GUI. We are planning to publicly release this touchscreen as well as most of the other ESO Supernova content under a free Creative Commons license later this year.

This is a seriously complicated watch that introduces a number of important new technologies, plus it just looks like it means business.

Soon after to be determined by the vendor the news will appear in the the D2D presenter menu under News. AstroCalendar is one of the best tools for you to gain insight in your timing for the future by understanding your past.


This feeds contains generic information about the content provider name, logo, description, etc.

The Data2Dome

The exhibition starts in the Solar System, with the Sun and the planets that we know so well but which are still so fascinating. Together, these people speak all the languages of the ESO Member States, providing an amazing international environment. Asset is displayed on domes worldwide hours after the event. It is always a continuous conversation through history between people who want to find out more about the world.

For more information on how ESO uses data and how you can disable cookies, please view our privacy policy. The first is in planetariums; it has already been incorporated into the Data2Dome project which is a content distribution system used by the majority of planetarium software including Digistar 6 which the ESO Supernova uses.

They can also see high-quality images astroxalendarium to different events. Reviews There are no reviews yet. I am hugely grateful to the rest of the ePOD staff, who were always incredibly kind and helpful, but I would also like to use this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who helped me collect the information and translate all the written content from English to German.