Pentair Aurora Pump — ASME/ANSI B — Model ANSI Pumps are a type of single-stage end suction centrifugal pump. This type is designed to the ASME B standard, and each size of this type of pump has. (b) This Standard has been revised to include solid polymer pumps formerly covered under ASME B The design and construction features for metallic.

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Even though ANSI chemical pumps they are mostly used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, they can also be found in paper stock, ethanol production, pharmaceutical, food processing and several other process plants. This Standard includes dimensional interchangeability requirements and certain design features to facilitate installation and maintenance. Go to subscribe form No, thank you.

The plugin only becomes active when you click 7b3.1 button, which indicates that you agree to communicate with the social network. ANSI pumps offer plant operators the possibility to switch qsme and brands without having to change or redesign motor attachment, piping, coupling or baseplate dimensions.

Downloads Downloads All operating manuals, type series booklets, characteristic curves, typical tenders, product brochures and corporate publications. Sincecommittees in the United States have worked on the development of centrifugal pump standards to meet the needs of the chemical industry. Standards in this format are a single-user license and are encrypted for security purposes. There is a reason that German designed products are known for their quality, efficiency, and long service lives.

ISO a language-neutral title for the International Xsme Organization traces its roots back to when delegates from 25 countries adme in London to discuss the future of international standards that could bridge the many national and industry-specific standards.

Energy savings from a European ISO product may just make it worth the effort. By definition, these chemical pumps are horizontal, end suction single stage, centerline discharge, centrifugal pumps comparable in size and dimensions regardless of pump manufacturer.

A review of ISO and ANSI pump standards | KSB

The main focus of this standard is that all ANSI pumps manufacturers offer interchangeable equipment with respect to mounting dimensions, size and location of suction, and discharge nozzles, input shafts, baseplates, and foundation b733.1 holes.


In some aspects e. Security permissions of these files allow printing and the addition of comments. All operating manuals, type series booklets, characteristic curves, typical tenders, product brochures and corporate publications. Subscribe to RPConnect, our digital monthly newsletter.

Once authorized these files may be accessed with or without connection to the Internet. Share on Initially, the social media buttons are deactivated for data privacy and protection reasons.

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It asms important to mention that alternate designs are considered by the standard, provided they meet its intent and cover construction and performance specifications in equivalence with those specified.

All of this contributes to competitive markets and economic efficiency. This standard was developed to address the needs of the chemical industry for a robust family of single-stage end-suction centrifugal pumps.

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Introducing the RP ANSI Process Pump Range

Many of the ISO certified products coming out of Europe, and Germany specifically, have impressive new energy efficient technologies that may not be available in their ANSI counterparts.

There are now more than 19, international standards covering many aspects of technology and business. This Standard covers centrifugal pumps of horizontal, end suction single stage, centerline discharge design. Standards also guarantee an important degree of interoperability between products from different manufacturers. Send your friend a link to this product. With the rise of globalization, ISO standards are increasingly influential.

This article will focus on ame comparison of two important sets of standards for industrial pumps: By specifying standards-compliant products, buyers can be assured that the items they acquire will meet important performance and safety requirements, even if they come from companies that the buyers azme never dealt with before.

The as,e ISO focussed on external dimensions and mounting details, while ISO also specifies a variety of performance requirements e. It is the specification b7.31 horizontal, end suction, single stage centrifugal pumps for chemical process applications, and covers metallic centrifugal pump designs.


The standard covers 27 pump sizes and specifies a number of key dimensions for each of these. While of course the easiest and most straight forward option for a North American company may be to pursue only ANSI standard products, doing so significantly limits your choices. This standard is available for immediate download in secure PDF assme. Since then, the committee has continued to be active and has defined the standards for 27 pump sizes through several revisions.

Each standard is authorized to a single login and password on a single desktop or laptop computer. Additionally, these standards set the guidelines and recommended practices related to the maintenance of these process pumps.

Dimensions include overall height and length of the bare pump, nozzle and shaft diameters, the size, location and spacing of mounting bolts, etc. This website uses cookies to enhance your experience.

These files asmw be transferred from an old computer to a new computer by following the instructions provided upon purchase or available online at estore. Shipping Schedule Master Index. However, most manufacturers of ISO pumps have 60 Hz models available.

The end-user license prohibits installation of these files on a network server or their shared use in an network environment. Standards are an extremely important part of the industrial and commercial landscape.

It is the intent of this Standard that pumps of the same standard dimension designation from all sources of supply shall be interchangeable with respect n73.1 mounting dimensions, size and location of suction and discharge ase, input shafts, baseplates, and foundation bolt holes. However, there has been a degree of convergence as the two standards bodies borrow from each other.