and communication methods from the ASAP2 description file, and are Via the ASAP1b interface the standard connection of the control units. ASAP2 Lib is a powerful and easy-to-use function library, which you can use for reading and writing standardized ECU description files in ASAP2 format for your . The ASAP2 Tool-Set consists of 6 programs for creating, checking, updating, merging, A2L files that are not standard-conformant can also be read-in using the.

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The following table contains the minimum set of data attributes required for ASAP2 file generation. By default, the software generates ASAP2 version 1. Other keywords underneath a keyword create a hierarchical structure of keywords similar to an aggregation in Stajdard. Parameter to provide the information.

Other properties describe the display format in C-printf notation and the unit.

ECU calibration with the ASAP2Library and ASAP2Demo

The data item is not represented in the ASAP2 file if any of the following conditions exist:. ASAP2 is a non-object-oriented description of the data used for measurement, calibration, and diagnostic systems.

The data description is achieved via computation methods, format definitions and the definition of units. Axes contain the sample point values for curves and maps. Secondary keywords may actually span across several more levels.

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The calibration of parameters is an essential part of ECU software development. The following list contains the keywords of this level. Calibration engineers can work independent from software engineers as soon as they get dtandard flashable software version and a matching a2l-file. Don’t have an account?


Can be used for defining multiple calibration objects of the same type. The standard allows to fully specify how data is displayed in an MC-system, independent from ECU-internal standatd formats.

The standard allows to connect software development tools, calibration tools and ECU calibration interfaces with a neutral description format. Programmers guide Data model Interface description.

ASAM MCD-2 MC – Wiki

Specifies position and datatype of the power-of-two exponent of the distance i. The side-effect of specializing the tasks however, wtandard that this process became too cumbersome and slow. The prototype also specifies whether parameters and aggregated keywords are mandatory or optional, their multiplicity and use of delimiters. Specifies the properties of an axis that belongs to a tunable curve, map or cuboid. Multi-line comments are delimited with a forward-slash and asterisk i.

Calibration and measurement variables can be hierarchically grouped zsap2 various means to support function-oriented calibration. Input and stndard objects cannot contain measurement objects.

Click here to see To view all translated materials including this page, select Country from the country navigator on the bottom of this page. Non-Member or not registered? A header provides some general information about the project such as project number, version and a description HEADER.

Includes program type, memory type, location, address, size and offsets. Bus object to define the struct packaging names and order of the fields.

Allows to specify a project number and an ECU software version, for which the a2l-file is compatible with. The first version of the standard was developed before the foundation of ASAM e. To generate ASAP2 files for referenced models, select ASAP2 file generation for the standarrd model and for each referenced model in the reference hierarchy. The standard also describes the device shandard between the MC-system and the ECU for read and write access. Since linker map files vary from compiler to compiler, you might need to modify the regular expression code in asap2post.


For this purpose, internal variables are read from memory and transferred to a system that displays the data in a human-readable format. This is no longer a limitation. Include statements collect descriptions from different sources. The build process can generate an ASAP2 file for each referenced model in a model reference hierarchy. Can be used for an automatic update of memory addresses in an a2L-file.

Furthermore, many tools in the Automotive industry relied already on the non-XML format and would have had to be re-written from scratch – an effort that was deemed to be unjustified. Conversion tables with or without interpolation are supported.

The value of standafd virtual characteristic is not stored in ECU memory.

Reference to an ECU-internal variable, which selects the active variant by its value. The content of a2l-files consists of keywords, parameters, delimiters and comments.

Keywords can contain parameters and other keywords. Free of charge for members.