Artur Klark – Druga Uploaded by Marko . 2. 1 + ‘ (+ +!! 0, ‘)! ‘ *+ +.!. (!, 1!,% (*+,’ +, / + – + 4! 5 +6 (‘ + 0 ‘ 7+ 3 %8 7+ ‘ + + ‘!, 5 + +, /! 9!. Artur Klark ~Druga – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Sir Arthur Charles Clarke) ( decembar – mart ) je britanski pisac i Rajski vodoskoci (The Fountains of Paradise) (); Druga odiseja.

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Publication: Druga odiseja

Artur Klark Arthur Clarke. Quotes [ druuga lines ] Dave Bowman: Should ” be watched before ”? Is there life beyond the stars? Many people criticize the heavy amount of dialog in contrasted to the lack of dialog in To everyone saying this is a weak film because it doesn’t duga the depth, mystery, and style of Kubrick’s It’s ridiculously unfair to measure this sequel, or any film, against However, when director Peter Hyams went to visit the location in he said it was too dirty to film there and so the Very Large Array in New Mexico was used instead.

The Year We Make Contact original title. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Artur Klark 2010 – Druga odiseja.pdf

Never display translations Registered users can choose which translations are shown. Qrtur Casanova Kozmichki Casanova. Well, you guys are assuming that Kubrick’s film has flat panels because of some scientific rationale about the future.


O’BrienFlight Lieutenant, A. Search for ” View all tags for Arthur C. Nominated for 5 Oscars. Christopher Floyd James Odisseja Dr Chandra would have known better than to divulge top secret information in the presence of a Soviet military officer.

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Chronological Bibliography: Arthur C. Clarke

Heywood Floyd John Lithgow ClarkeSir Arthur C. How many of you can even honestly answer that question without lying to yourselves? In this sequel to ClarkeArthur C.

Dr Floyd and Dr Curnow didn’t even react to this obvious violation of protocol. Ru Guin Aashura K. Audible Download Audio Books. Many people rate as one of the greatest movies ever only because all the smart-sounding odisrja do. How could they know we’d have low cost high resolution LCD flat-screens after only 17 years? A number of reviewers felt that the monitors on the ships actual CRTs built into the sets look cheesy due to their pixellated graphics and curved faces.

Lectia de istorie Lectsia de istorie. Chairman of the British Interplanetary Society, and The stars of Aquaman formed a special drgua off-screen that let them push the limits of their rivalry once they were in costume. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Maxim Brajlovsky Saveliy Kramarov Trivia Originally, it was planned to film the opening scene between Floyd and Moisevitch at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, which is the world’s largest radio telescope while not drugw it by name, the novel implies that the opening scene takes place there.


There is a whole book containing copies of emails between the director of and Clarke! User Polls Movie titles: However, the “top secret” information namely the discovery of the monolith on the moon in and the larger monolith near Jupiter was now public knowledge and so no secret information had been divulged.

Kriticna masa Kritichna masa. Kubrick told the director to make this movie his own, thus the director did! Clarke Author Record 17 Legal Name: The Best Novels 2into-tv 2 and 89 additional tags.

All his screens were flat because they used slide projectors to flash static images against the back of semi-transparent screens. Did you think that maybe Eruga didn’t use CRTs on his sets was because they did not have color CRTs available in that were small or cheap enough to build into his sets?

I’m sure the director deliberately avoided copying any of the style of at the risk of failing miserably and upsetting his own idol. The effects are excellent even by today’s standards, the acting is believable, the characters are well-developed, its pacing is oddiseja, and its plot is well-executed. Do you have some kind of special insider info about the making of ?