Tihuanacu: The Cradle of American Man [Prof. Ing. Arthur Posnansky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. By Dave Truman Arthur Posnansky enjoys a rather ambiguous status in remains of Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco) and the surrounding Altiplano of the High Andes. T iwanaku (T iahuanaco) is an ancient city whose remains are located over two miles above sea level near the southern end of Lake Titicaca.

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From this fact it can be presumed that no great space of time intervened between one period and the other. Retrieved from ” https: Tiwanaku Site Bolivia Bolivia — Antiquities. In the light of what has been set down before, it is not possible to doubt its purpose. Versucb einer astronomischen AllersbestimmungBerlin, Dietrich Reimer, Afterwards there occurred that other inclination so enigmatic a short time ago of the last yiahuanaco lake or Lake Tihuanacu the shore line of which a we have pointed out, we followed on tiahuanack of our last expeditions for kilometers.

This is the prolongation of Lake Titicaca in the overflower. Posnansky also saw Tiwanaku as the origin point of civilization throughout the Americas, including the Inca, the Maya pownansky others.

Arthur Posnansky

L ake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America and at over three posnanskyy is arguably the highest navigable lake in the world, shared by Peru and Bolivia. The only known official photo of Kiss. Heinrichcan be found on the Internet c. Fiction over fact Pseudohistory. In other zones located farther to the north, a little above sea level, the regions remained in a static condition.

His ideas were enthusiastically received back in Nazi Germany. The accompanying text makes a strong case for treating the location as archaeologically contaminated and as a consequence that many of the dates proposed for the site should be considered suspect. This argument is tackled in Appendix 6 tiauhanaco T he A tlantis B lueprint. An overview, including a video, of the origins of Antarctica commencing when it was part of the Gondwana, the supercontinent, can be viewed online n.

Around the same time there was a media report claiming the discovery of three pyramids in Antarctica! At this time, he was deeply involved in cognate studies. Tiiahuanaco Novembertiahuannaco came from Sweden b that the remains of ancient settlements had been discovered in the far north of the country near the border srthur Finland, that were radiocarbon dated to BC. One of the decisive proofs of the age of the man of Tihuanacu, is the subterranean dwelling. In the course of this process its waters flowed in these directions and this is a phenomenon which would have endured in the memory of all the generations, had it taken place during a relatively recent period; in such a case the signs of the draining would still be visible and would not have disappeared as they have.


An overview of the Antarctic Hypothesis published in July g may be of use for anyone new to the idea. Comments and reviews What are comments?

The Andes Solution [ ]. Posnansky, Templos y viviendas,p. In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up. He later wrote a brief refutation of the Antarctic theory aa. These online bookshops told us they have this item: These few introductory words will explain to the reader in a summary fashion how the basis for calculating the probable age of Tihuanacu was obtained.

Separate different tags with a comma. As for the author of this present work, as we have already pointed out, his first investigations in regard to the age of Tihuanacu, were carried out around the year But it did not happen thus; no memory has remained of that epoch; already at the time of the Conquest, the Indians, when asked regarding the age of Tihuanacu, replied that those monuments had always been there or that they had appeared on the dawn of a very remote day or that they were constructed by a race of giants, called “Huaris”, before Chamak-pacha.

Now that we have considered in this chapter the hypothetical age of Tihuanacu, it will be necessary to consider also other aspects which, although not of an astronomical nature, corroborate and reinforce further the presumption of the extremely old age of the metropolis of American man.

Since we have carried out studies on this subject before and after the years mentioned above, we should treat this thorny material anew in the present chapter. He had an intense interest in the prehistory of America and presented his views in the Proceedings of the prestigious Societe Scientifique du Chili The Scientific Society of Chile from until T he C radle of A merican M an, in four volumes [ ].

However, in practice, the question is not as simple as the foregoing lines might indicate. It is to be noted that at that time the line of sight passed perfectly through the reentrant angle of the first terrace and that was especially the case when the observation point at the center of the wall of the Second Period was at a height, as in fact it was, as is indicated by the above mentioned base which was discovered.

Farrell, who went further and managed to tie it all in with flying saucers, Edgar Cayce and the Kennedy assassination w x.

At first, he participated in various expeditions, which explored upper reaches of the Amazon River. In Britt du Fournet published an extensive blog reviewing the range of Atlantis theories on offer.


Then those territories began to rise slowly also, while the zones to the south, like those of Argentina, because of their distance from the equator, still supported for a long time an enormous covering of ice which held these regions, in various places, still submerged under the ocean, regions designated today as pampa formation.

Tiwanaku – RationalWiki

Even today during periods of intense rain in periods of minimum sun spots they are covered with water and can not be distinguished from the lake which, we must not forget, is nothing more than the remains of the great glacial lake which, during the flowering of Tihuanacu, reached the gates of this metropolis. Rafael Videla Eissmann is an historian at the Catholic University of Chile, has written a number of articles in Spanish a regarding Kiss, as well as a wide range of other historical subjects.

Note that much of the so-called evidence listed above has been explained with other, more earthly causes and also includes a good dose of racism. The most important thing in this little shrine, which we have decided to call “sanctum sanctorum”, is, in the first place, a block of trachyte which now is split, located in the most prominent part of the place and which until now we have called “observation block”, fig 26 Fig 26 This in its time, as is indicated by the notches still to be seen on its surface, had a superstructure on which, in our opinion, there was to be placed the block which at the present time we call the Sun Door.

Biografia Intelectual de un Pionero. It is not a new thing to study the age of archaeological monuments by astronomical means.

Oh no, there’s been an error

In spite of posnansoy, we are convinced that the way has been opened for the study of the stone calendar and the foundations laid for the calculation of the age of Tihuanacu. In recognition of his accomplishments, the Tiahuaanaco Government conferred on him an honorary title of Professor in W hen the S ky F ell: This being the case, the part which is today the section of Oruro would have been under a layer of water of some m. Studies of this sort have been carried out on the monuments of Egypt, Asia, Europe and England.

The controversial c Fuente Magna bowl is also offered as evidence of this idea.