Escala APGAR-familiar en adolescentes de Lima. Received: Approved : Scale of family functioning, developed by Smilkstein (). Various efforts. The Family APGAR could be administered and scored by nonprofessionals. et al., ; Dr. Gabriel Smilkstein, personal communication, July 22, ). The family APGAR scale was developed by Smilkstein, Ashworth, and Montano There is a statistically significant relationship between the family APGAR and the . Funcionalidade familiar e qualidade de vida dos idosos [Family functionality.

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This instrument was selected because it contemplates the characteristics present in all dimensions involved in the concept of family functionality.

Smilksteein, for a wider intervention planning, it is suggested that other measuring instruments are used simultaneously, in order that the evaluation of all dimensions of family functioning smilksteein observed properly. Millenium, 40 University of Minnesota; They were visited, as well as the residence of the users of the Centers located up to nine blocks away from it, in a familia direction, to identify the homes of the elders.

Considering a set of 36 questions, equivalent to the 18 defining characteristics, the total score could vary from 0 to 72 points, generating the following classification regarding family functionality: Family functioning and social support for older patients with depression in an urban area of Shanghai, China. Contributor Information Hiroaki Takenaka, Email: If you do, please tell us about them.

Data was gathered with a 15 minute questionnaire administered to the elderly by the members of the research group. It is perceived that the tendency will lead to confirm that traditional families become even more nuclear, with a frequent coexistence of multi-generational settings, which means children and teenagers may pose higher demands and place potential interferences to support the elderly 12.

The factor identified is the offered family support to the elder Table 2. Therefore, with this specific public there skilkstein the confirmation that the instrument must be used only for screening, to estimate family functionality, as it does not allow a complete evaluation of the construct.

We gamiliar that the Family APGAR, especially the Resolve item, has the potential to become a tool for measuring family function, at least in terms of family issues. User Username Password Remember me.

Analysis of psychometric properties of family APGAR with elderly in northeast Brazil

However, Japanese clinics often comprise only a few staff members, such as a physician, nurse, and clerk, which means that smilmstein would have little time to complete a questionnaire. This reinforces the idea that when using Family APGAR, it is necessary the support of other instruments, or even other types of professional evaluation to justify and implement effective interventions related to the dynamics of family functioning in a clinical context 67 The majority of the participants in the sample were married or living with a partner The analysis of the validity of Family APGAR criterion, in this study, demonstrated to be satisfactory, which can be smilkkstein by the Pearson’s r correlation coefficient found: To achieve this, accessible language was used.


This approach will enable satisfactory comparison and discussion of the results found by other studies of analysis of reliability parameters and validity of instrument, reinforcing the relevance of its usage in gerontology practice.

Zmilkstein questionnaires were then brought to the front desk of the outpatient clinic.

Assessment of Family Functionality Among the Elderly With Chronic Illness

This results permits to affirm that Family APGAR classified as a dysfunctional family total results between zero and six points the elders that also achieved family dysfunctionality under the defining characteristics of the nursing diagnose “Discontinued family processes” results between zero and 45 points generated after the application of the instrument specifically designed for this evaluation Family, Family research, Family members. Results smikstein TOP ] The sample was composed of elderly people, An examination of theory and applications.

Takenaka is the corresponding author. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License famliiar permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

There were 68 It is known that the institution called family is suffering from meaningful changes in its structure and organization for years. The sample was predominantly female As a result of this, the community in general and families in particular find themselves confronted with the responsibility of caring for a population with a higher incidence of chronic disease.

The satisfaction assessment of the elderly with chronic illness regarding family is essential. The lack of validation studies is a disturbing fact, once the clinical decision making process must be based on the use of criteria smllkstein instruments that are clearly adequate to be consumed by specific groups, because there are sociocultural particularities present among different population segments and geographic scenarios, thus not enabling great generalizations of the results of adequacy of certain procedures.


Therefore, we wanted to identify the particularly effective questions for analyzing family dysfunction, thereby enabling the Family APGAR to be camiliar in daily clinical practice more conveniently. With regard to family functionality, Please review our privacy policy. Family function, respiratory illness, and otitis media in urban black infants.

Next, we analyzed the relationships between each item of the Family APGAR and the family issues measure by utilizing a Chi square test. A promising means of circumventing this problem, however, would be to utilize questionnaires. In other words, moderate levels of Adaptability and Cohesion are optimal, but too much or too little is dysfunctional under normal circumstances.

This is a cross-sectional, analytical study of elderly people The participants were explained about the objectives of the study. Differences by gender, age, or disease were not observed in any of the analyses.

Apgar Familiar by paola hernandez mendez on Prezi

The value of Cronbach’s alpha smilksten a different result when one of the items was suppressed, varying from 0. April 07, ; Accepted: Furthermore, a new validation of this instrument over a specific group will help the scientific research in gerontology. Ethics Written informed consent was obtained from all subjects. Adding to that, there was a pre-test, in order to guarantee the correct administration of the members of the mentioned research group.

The scores needed to smilkshein the correlation using Pearson’s r coefficient between the instrument created and Family APGAR were acquired from the calculation of the average of the scores found. It is important to highlight the use of Family APGAR recommended by the Brazilian Ministry of Health in the country 2thus supposing it is already adequate regarding semantic, conceptual, operational and item-wise equivalence smilkstejn The scale results are based on the sum of the score of each question multiplied by a coefficient appropriate for the content.