Eulogy on King Philip: as pronounced at the Odeon, in Federal Street, Boston / by the Rev. William Apes. Main Author: Apess, William, Language(s): . In the early s, Native people in southern New England were entering their third century of struggle against invasion, disease, war and. Apess’s last published work, Eulogy on King Philip (), has been described as his “most powerful and sustained polemic.” Originally delivered as a series of .

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Mark, then, the history of nations throughout the world. The same year he sells to Thomas Willet a tract of land two miles in length and perhaps the same in width, for which he received forty dollars. The man who bought this land made the contract, as he says, with Alexander, phulip or twelve years before; then why did he not bring forward his contract before the court?

A note on logistics: No, far from me be such a thought. A garrison being established at Northfield by the Pilgrims, and while endeavoring to reinforce it with thirty six armed, twenty out of their number was killed and one taken prisoner.

In he sold to Hugh Cole a large tract of land lying near Swansea, for sixteen dollars.

William Apess

Alexander being sent for with armed men, and while he and his men were breaking their fast in the morning, they were taken immediately away, by order of the governor, without kinb least provocation but merely through suspicion.

Retrieved from ” https: And where is there a people in the world that would see their friends robbed of their common property, their nearest and dearest friends; robbed, after their last respects to them?

Let us have principles that will give everyone his due; and then shall wars cease, and the kinb find rest. This is worse than my countrymen ever did, for they never mobbed one another; and I was in hopes that the sons of the Pilgrims had improved a little. The elderly judge, too old to deal with an unruly and rejected child, quickly sold apezs indenture to Gen.

We presume his conscience pled guilty. Like his other writings and orations, Apes’ Eulogy and its frontispiece publicized the plight of Native people and the daily injustices they suffered. Deborah Gussman has argued that Apess engaged in a battle for history with Puritans like Cotton Mather — Upon this news, one Standish, a vile and malicious ob, took fourteen of his lewd Pilgrims with him, and at midnight, when a deathless silence reigned philkp the wilderness; not even a bird is heard to send forth her sweet songs to charm and comfort those eu,ogy of the woods; but all had taken their rest, to commence anew on the rising of the glorious sun.

For injuries of much less magnitude have the people called Christians slain their brethren, till they could sing, like Samson: How does he position himself as a speaker? I can no live here. But where is there a people, called civilized, that would do it?


O thou white Christian, look at acts that honored your countrymen, to the destruction of thousands, for much less insults than that. And we add the famous speech of Dr. Furman, a Baptistgave William his first memorable experience with Christianity when he was six, and she discussed with him the importance of going to heaven or hell. We presume, none; and we doubt not but the Pilgrims would have exerted all their powers to be avenged and to appease their ungodly passions. When he begins the war, he goes forward and musters about of his men and arms them complete, and about of the other, making in all about fourteen hundred warriors when he commenced.

It is said at this battle eighty whites were killed and one hundred and fifty wounded, many of whom died of their wounds afterward, not being able to dress them till they had marched 18 miles, also leaving many of their dead in the fort.

But I would suggest one thing, and that is, let the ministers and people use the colored people they have already around them like human beings, before they go to convert any more; and let them show it in their churches; and let them proclaim it upon the housetops; and I would say to the benevolent, withhold your hard earnings from them, unless they do do it, until they can stop laying their own wickedness to God, which is blasphemy.

While I am writing, I can hardly restrain my feelings, to think a people calling themselves Christians should conduct so scandalous, so outrageous, making themselves appear so despicable in the eyes of the Indians; and even now, in this audience, I doubt but there is men honorable enough to despise the conduct of those pretended Christians. The attack was made near Sugarloaf Hill.

In this, Massachusetts, Plymouth, and Connecticut all join in severally, to crush Philip. How does he connect his account of seventeenth-century events with the political situation in ? It appears that Philip treated his prisoners with a great deal more Christian like spirit than the Pilgrims did; even Mrs. Here it is to be understood that the whites have always imposed upon the credulity of the Indians.

Is it by fair means? What could have been more insulting than to send a man to them who was false, and looked upon as such? In their sickness, too, the Indians were as tender to them as to their own children; and for all this, they were denounced as savages by those who had received all the acts of kindness they possibly could show them. But I would speak, and I could wish it might be like the voice of thunder, that it might be heard afar off, even to the ends of the earth.


Being brought up to look upon white people as being enemies and not friends, and by the whites treated as such, who can wonder? No gratitude to Indians now is shown, From people saved by them alone; All gratitude that poor Indian do know, Is, we are robbed of all our rights.

What, then, shall we say? Philip even hires her to work for him, and pays her for her work, and then invites her to dine with him and to smoke with him. It was no savage war of surprise as some suppose, but one sorely provoked by the Pilgrims themselves. Yet these same men came to these Indians for support and acknowledge themselves that no people could be used better than they were; that their treatment would do honor to any nation; that their provisions were in abundance; that they gave them venison and sold them many hogsheads of corn to fill their stores, besides beans.

Then five-year-old Apess was cared for by his neighbor, Mr. But I trust the Great Spirit will stand by me, as also good and honorable men will, being as it were the last, still lingering upon the shores of time, standing as it were upon the graves of his much injured race, to plead their cause and speak for the rights of the remaining few.

This contract, signed by himself and chiefs, ends the sales of lands with Philip, for all which he received nine hundred and seventy four dollars, as far as we can learn by the records. The Pilgrims promised to deliver up every transgressor of the Indian treaty to them, to be punished according to their laws, and the Indians were to do likewise. After his marriage, Apess felt his vocation was to preach. If we cannot read, we can see and feel; and we find no excuse in the Bible for Christians conducting toward us as they do.

But we find more manly nobility in him than we do in all the head Pilgrims put together, as we shall see during this quarrel between them. Every white that knows their own history knows there was not a whit of difference between them and the Indians of their days. Inthe Pilgrims speak of large and respectable tribes.

Digital Collection -“Eulogy on King Philip as Pronounced at the Odeon”

Look at the disgraceful laws, disfranchising us as citizens. Church knig now placed his guard so that it was impossible for Philip to escape without being shot. After this, search was made for him, and they found there a certain Indian, by the name of Patuckson; Tobias, also, his son, were apprehended and tried.