Tünde: Hi guys, welcome to angolrahangolva! I’m here in England and I have a very good friend here, Claire Claire: Hi! Tünde: So, Claire, how are you today?. Tünde: Hi guys, welcome to Angolra Hangolva again! I’m here with a very good friend of mine, Ivan, he’s from Bulgaria. So how are you tonight? Ivan: Ahh, I’m. Check out Angolra Hangolva by Kolibri Színház on Amazon Music. Stream ad- free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on

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You can ask her!

Video 6 szószedet

Why is it important to practise English? I would have just a last question… S: Okay, my very last question would be in connection with learning and speaking English very well, I always ask this question: So, Claire, how are you today?

See the conversation below: So, eh… my question would be: And how do hajgolva feel about that? Was it a big dream for you to visit Rome? The significance and importance of doing sports…. Were there many couples around in the pub?


To develop hangolfa muscles — fejleszteni az izmaidat. I agree, I totally agree. Have you seen the flag?

To be in a historic place? That was so kind of you.

How does it feel to work for such a great thing? Quite happy, nice and easy job, relaxing, you can take time off whenever you want. So, I would just have a very last question, eh, what would you recommend to my students and subscribers, why is it important to speak English?

From the start to finish. Hi guys, welcome to Angolra Hangolva again! Eh, no we are going on Wednesday. I appreciate and take care!

Learning here is also much… there is more to learn, in fewer hours per week and a lot of it is memorization hangllva. So wherever you go, you can talk and speak English and the people understand you. I appreciate it so much. Right, I came in this country seven years ago. What are your tasks at the reception? Before I worked in the centre of Rome. So, first of all would you tell us your age please?

Additional taxes may apply. The master degree… And which major did you specialize in? First time in Rome. Thank you so much Claire! Nice to talk to you, guys.


Hi Guys, welcome to AngolraHangolva! And hope to see you all soon.

Video 6 szószedet – Angolra Hangolva

Eh, so far I really loved the Colosseum, that was amazing. I just have just a very last question. I started as a volunteer, about a year and a half ago, and then I was a relief manager, going angolea the seventeen shops…. Have a lovely day! First of all, most of the players in our days are overpaid.

Angolra Hangolva

Share your thoughts with other customers. And what do you think about the spices in Italy? So, hangklva so much, I appreciate that and I wish you a lovely trip in Rome and everywhere. Thank you so much. How often do you go to the beach for example? In London… And how far is London from here? Yeah, I heard about that.