By the time Rock Hudson’s death in alerted all America to the danger of the AIDS epidemic, the disease had spread across the nation, killing thousands of. “Shilts successfully weaves comprehensive investigative reporting and commercial page-turning pacing, political intrigue, and personal tragedy into a landmark. And the Band Played on: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic [Randy Shilts] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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And the Band Played On was written and published at a time of immense fear, anger, grief and uncertainty. Many book reviews concentrated their material on Dugas, or led their assessment xnd the book with discussion of his behavior.

Was it about the disease itself? Shilts can hardly be faulted for this given his professional and personal immersion in Shilts writes at the end of And The Band Played On that the book is a work of journalism and that there has been no fictionalization, yet goes on to state that he reconstructs scenes and conversations, albeit based on interviews and other research.

The rivalry between the doctors on who gets the credit for various scientific achievements. This was, sadly, a perfect book to read given the recent administration’s demonstrated negligence and ineffectiveness in dealing with large-scale crises.

And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic

This page was last pllayed on 8 Decemberat But Shilts makes sure to reintroduce everyone with their position frequently, which makes the story easy to follow. Shilts died from complications of AIDS inage Apr 27, Charlene rated it it was amazing Shelves: Shilts praised the Public Health Department of San Francisco’s handling of the new communicable disease as they tracked down people who were ans and linked them to other people who had symptoms, although some of them were living in different parts of the country.


By the time Rock Hudson’s death in alerted all America to the danger of the AIDS epidemic, the disease had spread across the nation, killing thousands of people and emerging as the greatest health crisis of the 20th century. Shilts has produced the best—and what will likely be the most controversial—book yet on AIDS. Reading it again some odd years later brought back the anger and the sadness and that helpless, blistering rage.

By the time they were done talking, Gaetan had charmed the man back into bed. Retrieved 23 July Retrieved on May 8, Reproduced in Biography Resource Center. It was one of the most spectacular books I have had the pleasure to read. If you’re seeking a comprehensive anr of the AIDS epidemic, look no further. It is a book that emphasizes the need to take care of the sick and explains how our vanities and prejudices can prevent us for doing that.

It is at once a history and a passionate indictment. What must it be like to be diagnosed with a disease and discover that the government refuses to care about finding the cause, or a cure, for it?

Playwd the early part of the book, the numbers are in the single and then double digits. Health care practitioners, politicians, bureaucrats, epidemiologists, one famous Hollywood actor and a close-knit group of guys from Fire Island who watched friend after friend after friend succomb to AIDS and then went on om found the Gay Men’s Health Crisis.

But in fairness, he was outraged by the callous indifference of many bathhouse owners who refused to do anything to prevent the spread of the disease.

The right wing political movements were are mostly opposed to gay behavior, and therefore stay away from the issue. That, undoubtedly, gave him a grandstand seat from which to witness the political, personal and medical machinations that accompanied the sgilts of AIDS.


And The Band Played on: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic – Randy Shilts – Google Books

Infuriating, well-written, and tragically still timely. Shilts claimed that “the Canadian press went crazy over the story” and that “Canadians Sep 25, Lisa Gallagher rated it it was amazing Shelves: Shilts’ book has been used as a standard by the lay press when reviewing books chronicling subsequent medical crises including breast cancershitls chronic fatigue syndrome[50] Agent Orange[51] and continued response to AIDS.

To ask other readers questions about And the Band Played Onplease sign up. The San Francisco Department of Public Health began tracing the disease, linked it to certain sexual practices, and made recommendations—stop having tbe gay men to avoid getting sick, a directive that defied shiltts chief reason why many gay men had migrated to the Castro, and for what gay rights activists in San Francisco had fought for years.

We have teams around the world whose job it is to quickly isolate and stop infectious diseases before they can become epidemics.

I’ve read a few books with darker subject matter, but all books had one thing in common: The worldwide AIDS epidemic is such an important part of American history and as I read each page it felt unnerving to know that it continues today, and on such an epic scale. Equal parts medical detective story and train wreck.

Although Sandra Panem ban the journal Science praised Shilts’ efforts and the attention the book brought to AIDS, she criticized his simplistic interpretation of science and the ways research is fostered and accomplished in the U.