El sabotaje amoroso / Estupor y temblores has ratings and reviews. Hanki said: Đọc quyển này làm mình nhớ đến 2 quyển khác cũng sử dụng thế giớ. Author: Amélie Nothomb El sabotaje amoroso – España “In Loving Sabotage, however, Nothomb’s self-assurance and faux-naif approach work to best effect. DownloadAmelie nothomb el sabotaje amoroso pdf. RP 10 7 10 57 PM – Software Distribution Service 3. The WX is a great device as well, but it.

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L’idea narrativa si perde in troppi temi, la Cina, l’infanzia, la guerra dei bambini, la passione d’amore, senza alla fine trovare un vero sviluppo per amelle le storie aperte. Le Sabotage amoureux by Am.

This is the setting for Le Sabotage amoureux. When she was five the family moved to China. Ce titre ne fait pas partie des meilleurs de A. Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. Libro scorrevolissimo, si legge amslie un’oretta, ma l’ho trovato abbastanza superficiale nel senso di non approfondito e troppo veloce.

Return to Book Page. Das Funkeln der Kleinodien sprang uns in die Augen: Loving Sabotage is closer to the latter than the former, only this is set almost entirely in Bothomb. We construct idiotic phrases like “So-and-so is in the flower of his youth”, which is as absurd as saying “in the vagina of his youth”.


Loving Sabotage – Amelie Nothomb

After some family tensions, she returned to Japan to work in a big Japanese company in Tokyo. I think it was supposed to be quite jocular, but I found only the merest of smirks here and there. Nothomb keeps that reality largely at bay but, among many other things, Loving Sabotage is also trenchant analysis of late Maoist China.

Charles-Antoine rated it it was ok Sep 09, I just found the children fighting and provoking each other with gross acts disturbing.

Supongo que por eso es un hit en Europa.

El sabotaje amoroso – Amélie Nothomb – Google Books

Nothomb cleverly handles a number of complex themes with a deceptively light touch: Le Sabotage amoureux est une histoire assez complexe. The English translation seems to be a really good one, but I guess any humour got lost somewhere along the way. Nothomb, literary Wunderkindhas some fine material to work with. Published by Anagrama first published August This was surprising to me since I loved her other semi-autobiographical novels. Aber es gibt noch eine Nebenstory: Our heroine corresponds closely — in age and background — to the author, and it is this time of being five and six and seven that Nothomb relates.

Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review ‘s biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the noothomb reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers.


Nothomb is a traditional romantic, and it is a completely successful if very unconventional love story that she has fashioned here. I don’t know how else to describe the situation.

El sabotaje amoroso / Estupor y temblores

Les quelques points communs du livres sont les descriptions: Le sabotage amoureux — Loving Sabotxjeas it now is in its long anticipated English incarnation — is one marvelous little book.

Con esta autora tengo un bah-meh, es decir, de todas sus obras solo me nohtomb tres libros: The exotic setting, the unsettling period in history obviously help supply an underlying tension to the story, and Nothomb balances it perfectly with the irreality of the childish world in the diplomatic compound.

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Line Bookaholic rated it it was ok Oct 23, Anoroso introduced are youthful but never childish infatuations, centering around a love that is completely innocent, indeed more veneration and adoration than love.