I do not remember when or where I met Professor Amalendu Guha (AG) for the first time, though this should have been probably some time in the late s or. (Amalendu Guha, ). I. Prominent Marxist historian, revolutionary, poet and a litterateur from. Assam – Dr Amalendu Guha – passed away at the age of 91 in. Amalendu Guha is the author of Planter Raj To Swaraj ( avg rating, 9 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Planter Raj to Swaraj – Freedom Struggle &.

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That apart, he had continual interaction with Left labour leaders in the tea plantations, in particular with his life-long friend Sanat Bose.

Academic career In a interview, Guha said that academically he always wanted to be based in Assam but the right prospect never came his way.

Secondly, he focused on the rise of foreign and national capitalist enterprise in Assam, the colonisation of Assam, the origins of Parsi entrepreneurship in western India, the raw cotton trade in Bombay Presidency in the nineteenth century, de-industrialisation and indigenous textile manufacture, the formation of the working class in Assam tea plantations, and similar themes.

In the first place, his location and his life experience in Assam was a major factor. Further, Guha was one of those around whom there developed an invisible college, so to speak.

Amalendu Guha (): Lifelong revolutionary, peoples’ historian, life-affirming poet

Gopalan sometime inin Kolara, my home town see my article on the editorial page smalendu The HinduApril 19, That very year he joined Darang College, Tezpur, Assam as a lecturer of Amaendu and taught in the college till This poem and some others that he wrote in the next five years in Bengali were collected and published in Despite the well deserved though mildly administered admonishment I received, I continued to be in the good books of AG; amallendu goodwill and affection did not waver.

That one day India might become synonymous with a brutal repressive machine, hell bent on repressing any kind of nationality aspirations, was not imaginable in the hearts and minds of that generation. He further noted the similarity between the Ahom state and the pre-colonial states in different East Asian countries — such as Burma, Vietnam and Thailand, in terms of their control over the labour, rather than land.


We had a good chat. The second formative influence was the political climate of the s and s amalndu eastern India when Guha, as a young man, was deciding the trajectory of his life. The Nagas have not yet forgotten how to raid and behead the enemy. He said the writing was over, he was now going over the draft, and expected to pass on the typescript to the publisher before amalenu end of the year.

RAS | Amalendu Guha: A Tribute

We do not know in details how this money, the profits from India in particular the wealth of the gjhawas distributed throughout the British economy.

He aimed at the empirical validation of Marxian positions on certain issues, and, contrary to the habit of his colleagues in the s and s, carefully eschewed the regurgitation of Yuha or Gadamer or the most recent article in New Left Review. Along with fifty other prominent Left intellectuals, Guha was in jail, first in Guwahati and then in Berhampur in Odisha, for about six months.

New 3 Month Subscription to Digital Archives at. First, he showed in his own work how to avoid vacuous theory-mongering through the reproduction or imitation of contemporary Western Marxist writings. Or again, consider his argument about de-industrialisation. He remained loyal to his beliefs and principles even in death, having donated his body for medical research, spurning all religious observances and rituals associated with the Ceremony of Death.

Finally, what was the legacy that the historian Professor Amalendu Guha left behind? Can you tell us, how far is your and my world of equality and abundance?

That is why his death marks the end of an era. Secondly, Guha developed and advanced the Marxian interpretation of cultural history and the history of ideas.

They may take some time to appear. He bravely faced the loneliness of being a pioneer as well as exclusion amalenndu employment in the universities of Gauhati and Calcutta as a communist and a political suspect. He joined the Assam unit of the All India Students Federation inwhen he was 15 years of age, a high school student.

Again, on the culturalist explanation of the rise of the Parsi entrepreneurs proposed by the Weberians, Guha took a critical Marxian position: Writing this in mid, I cannot but reflect on the world that that typescript, indeed that tattered briefcase, represented.

Amalendu Guha (1924-2015): Lifelong revolutionary, peoples’ historian, life-affirming poet

Guha in his review amalencu that it is difficult to accept this conclusion by Mathias despite the fact that the internal market was several times bigger than the external market. The focus of interest was the colonial economy, although that term was considered questionable by the academic establishment: That choice made by Guha is a significant indicator of his judgement of the nature of the middle class intelligentsia he was a part of and yet distant from.


Editorial – edit epw. Despite many adversities, they showed a moral courage to stand up for the values they cherished. When death came to him, it came as a release. I appreciate this opportunity to pay my humble tribute to Professor Amalendu Guha, whom I have admired for decades. Soon, larger national issues, beginning with the nationwide railway strike and the declaration of national emergency, which was causally related to the measures taken to suppress and break the railway strike — though the proximate cause was the judgement of the Allahabad High Court nullifying the election of Indira Gandhi to the Lok Sabha — more or less clinched my wavering mind on whether I should continue to be a teacher of English for the rest of my life, or do something else.

My first clear memory of guua AG was when he dropped by at my home in the University campus sometime in the early s, accompanied by a common friend. Shaheed Bina’s blood is still alive amalemdu the grass of Naliapool, Our oath still cries out for revenge.

Amalendu Guha

I am sorry this obituary tribute is turning out to be more about my relation with AG than about amalenddu life and work of AG.

From that it was an easy transition to membership of the Communist Party of India in He was also inquisitive about my years in South Africa, politically inquisitive unlike most other Indians, who were only interested in knowing if I had met Nelson Mandela.

This much by way of context and background. I knew little of the larger issues involved in the border conflict, though I was aware of the existence of laws providing for preventive detention, thanks to listening to a speech by A.