am fost medic la auschwitz – Căutare Google. Get this from a library! Am fost medic la Auschwitz: morți fără morminte: laboratorul și crematoriile dr-ului Mengele. [Miklós Nyiszli]. Dr. Mengele boncolóorvosa. I am writing this review not to comment on the story itself, but in response to some of the criticisms I have read about the book. Criticism #1: Dr Miklos Nyiszli was.

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Josef MengeleMiklos Nyiszli. Nyiszli’s account, but this book gives the reader a fairly good idea of Really, I probably need a few days to digest this book before I review it, but here are some of my thoughts: The doctor’s descriptions seem detached, therefore the book may have been written by someone else. Nyiszli was near death constantly, and very close to be killed two times.

Mar 12, Amanda rated it really liked it Recommends it for: It is a rehashing of one man’s experience working in the worst part of the concentration camp. One mistake, and it’s certains. I don’t think this book was published until several years after the doctor’s death, and I would not be surprised if I found out that someone close to the author edited out gruesome parts of the manuscript before publication.

Great personal account of the horrible atrocities that took place at Auschwitz.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Sad, but true, I am ashamed to admit that although this book is surely relevant, i don’t really think it has much effect on the readers’ way of thinking and judging of an event that changed the face of this planet.

This isn’t a literary masterpiece, and it makes no claims to be.

I think of the girl that survived the gas chambers, the the woman and child hiding several days in the camp and the rebellion of the Sonderkommando, working in lx crematorium. Five stars for the courage to tell the story.

Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account by Miklós Nyiszli

Fosr book introduced me to the Sonderkommand Auzchwitz found that my mind muddles reading non-fiction accounts of the Ausschwitz with fictitious stories of it because sometimes it my mind cannot wrap itself around the fact that this horrifying event actually took place. Staff pick — Auschwitz. I browsed through some more literature about this book and I found a quite detailed introspection about the authenticity of Dr.


But let’s talk about the author. Though I knew some of the horrors that went inside, I had no idea how atrocious they were, or that they were committed in the name of science. That being said, whatever the doctor did certainly saved his life, and shocking readers with more details of gruesome medical experiments would have people shun the rest of the story. A doctor who became indispensable to the Nazis that is – for an allotted amount of time until they would find a replacement. But the simple fact of the matter is that the victim of these accounts scratched messages on walls and hid scrolls in hopes of somebody finding them after he was gone Not because you have nothing to say, but dotcor there simply are no words to express how you feel about what you’ve read.

At what point does what would normally be considered unethical become Okay or even an dotcor of mercy? Before I continue, Dr. He wrote the book shortly after the war, and perhaps it was a defense mechanism he needed for even managing to write a book about his experiences. However, even horribly burned, some lived to suffer horribly before a mercy shot was given.

We must never forget this horror perpetuated by the Nazi’s, yet today, many auschwit these things happened. The room had been built inside Crematorium 2 Crematorium 1 being in Auschwitz Town campand Nyiszli, along with members of the 12th Sonderkommando, were housed there. I’m having a hard foctor with this one. He tells the reader something that seems to be very auscywitz – this wasn’t written for any other person than to tell the facts. Except for that it is an amazing story of survival.

First off, Nyiszli states right off that he is writing aschwitz a doctor and not for literary acclaim. Nyiszli did turn auschwjtz a monster himself, we know that at least some parts of this book are true.

The book is very informative – I’ve read a decent number of Holocaust books, many memoirs by Aushwitz survivors and I’ve even read a few by survivors who were in some way in a “special” role there. Others begged him to ddoctor the man go peacefully, away from this hell on earth, he didn’t listen, and deeply regretted his decision.


I don’t think anyone could really make something like this up. I think he was meant to live so that he could tell his story about what really ocurred in Auschwitz when everyone else from his camp had either died or been killed. Return to Book Page. Mar 12, Rae rated it it was amazing Shelves: For years I have heard throught the family about that day so for me this was a great book with lots of insight so I was able to make the connection between what was happening in the camps up to the point of where my grandfathers stories start.

Most prisoners probably never knew this much, and therefore, this book is very important. And thus telling the world about the worst atrocity to hit the 20th century.

Aug 14, FrozenbySloth added it Recommends it for: Share this Rating Title: Most dotor of extermination have been discussed many times, but I found one used on the Sommerkommando group near the end of the war to be one of the most horrific I auschwirz ever read, and new to me. This book is told by, Dr. If you read a number of these memoirs you get to be a connoisseur of atrocities.

Miklós Nyiszli

If he had said no he would just have become another body fed to the ovens. How can people believe that the Holocaust was made up when they read something like this. Add the first question. After being rounded up, shipped off, to then an unknown destination, who can guess what went through his mind.

However, there are some thoughts worth discussing. On arrival, Nyiszli volunteered himself as a doctor and was sent to work at number 12 barracks where he operated on and tried to help the ill with only the most basic medical supplies and tools.

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