The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam () is Muhammad Iqbal’s major philosophic work: a series of profound reflections on the perennial conflict . This item:The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam by Sir M. Iqbal . known as Allama Iqbal (), was an academic, poet, barrister, philosopher, and. The Principle of Movement in the Structure of Islam · Is Religion Possible? Allama Iqbal’s Home Page. The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam. by.

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Nicholson Javid Iqbal Muhammad Munawwar more. Of more crucial importance is the world- and self-conception of Islam, according to Iqbal, the true and ‘rediscoverable’ essence of Islam in conflict with a mistaken fatalistic concept of divine predestination.

It’s a revealing statement and one that helps us understand the appeal of the work in the West. reconetruction

The decline of Islamic scientific thought Don’t blame it on al-Ghazali. This, in iqal final analysis, ot what conservative Islamic rligious movements demand when they protest about the complete exclusion of religious law from the legislative process. On the other hand, the mystic experience of God is as real for Iqbal as every other human experience; the segmentary character of the natural sciences means they — “are like so many vultures falling on the dead body of Nature, and each running away with a piece of its flesh” — so religion has a central role in the synthesis, the bringing together of all human experience.

In the footsteps of Jesus Jesus, born a Jew, spent his days in the region now known as Israel. Please help improve the article by presenting facts as a neutrally-worded summary with appropriate citations. The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam. Oqbal are considered as radical and as enemies of democracy because they do not want to consign Allah’s Law — Sharia, often demonised in Europe — to the dustbin of history but instead to focus on modernisation through extension of the law.


However since eternal principles can also be debilitating iqbla they are understood as excluding all change, the dynamism of ijtihad is necessary. But do all graduates leave the school as radicals? The empirical character of the Koran, this theory maintains, made it alllama for Muslims religilus become the founders of modern science, the birth of Islam then being the birth of inductive reasoning, an intellectual revolt against the speculative philosophy of the Greeks — and for the experimental methods of the Arabs to be taken up in European thought and further developed.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. In this interview Ayesha Jalal elaborates on these issues. It might have been advisable to have read the book to the end: And in a society like Islam the problem of a revision of old institutions becomes still more delicate, and the responsibility of the reformer assumes a far more serious aspect”.

Nothing untoward there — but then the surprises begin to pile up, and they should give us pause for thought:.

The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam

Most Recent Photo Essay. Egypt acquits 43 NGO workers on illegal funding charges. Readers’ comments can be found by Google and other search engines. The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam. None of this is apparent from a recent review in a German newspaper, where the impression is given that Iqbal had urged Islam to free itself from the “medieval fantasies of the theologians” in order to achieve spiritual emancipation, because, it was claimed, “the Islamic world is moving spiritually towards the West.

The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam

Iqbal allowed himself to be inspired by Western thought and philosophy: Educational Opportunities in Pakistan Bringing the Poor at Par with the Others For many of Pakistan’s poor, the much-criticised Islamic schools are the only possibility to get an education, because they don’t ask for tuition fees. No, the study of Western thought had not turned Iqbal into an irreligious European, his Westernisation did not go that far, in spiritual matters he remained a believer in ex Oriente lux the conception that light, in the sense of culture and civilisation, originates from the East.


The exceptional clarity, precision and vividness of thought however is what really characterises the work. Subscribe to our newsletter. Tunisian teachers protesting work conditions demand better pay. Here, as generations of reformist Muslims and Orientalists have done, he identifies ijtihad, the process of making a legal decision by independent interpretation of the sources of the law as “the principle of movement in the structure of Islam”.

An important prerequisite for this re-thinking is a critical reception of modern knowledge: Annemarie Schimmel Arthur J. Views Read Edit View history. Our understanding of Islamic activism in all its forms might make tremendous strides if only we would remove the blinkers and learn to take the religious element in religious thinkers seriously instead of thinking of such people as merely uncritical or slow-on-the-uptake adherents of secular European thinking. This can be done by providing proof of their Islamic origins:.

Newest Most Read Most Comments. However Iqbal’s emphatic insistence on an independent attitude is something that tends, even nowadays, to be overlooked.

He was born in Bethlehem and lived by the Sea of Galilee.