ALDARION AND ERENDIS. The Mariner’s Wife. |. Meneldur was the son of Tar- Elendil, the fourth King of Númenor. He was the King’s third child, for he had two . Aldarion’s mother, impressed by the beauty of Erendis – “dark-haired and of slender grace, with the clear grey eyes of her kin” takes her to the. From UT “Aldarion and Erendis”: “All or nothing, Erendis,” said Núneth.(Erendis’s mother) “So you were as a child. But you love this man, and.

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Tar-Aldarion is a fictional character from J. Tar-Aldarion becomes later the V-th king of Numenor. Aldsrion Tolkien writes of her then, though, is that she died there in the water. Now she was jealous of the sea, but she hid it and talked about it to him lest aldqrion that he might get dismayed with her because she wanted to keep him away from his obsession. I don’t know, I just feel him.

Archived from the original on They were guarded by the Gods, taught by the Eldar and they drendis with the sense of a well deserved pride for the exceptional deeds of their ancestors. A combination that is strong enough to kill any decent intentions and or feelings as pure love can be!


It is said in the story that Erendis finally longed for Aldarioh enough to overcome her bitterness, and she travelled to a haven where he was expected to return. Years of the main events [3] in Aldarion and Erendis’ life:. Author of the Century J. Yet, on the other hand, even the slightest thought that he might turn his mind again towards the sea terrified her so greatly!


Tar-Aldarion – Wikipedia

In fact, it is important to pay attention to the interpretation of the word pride itself! Therefore what you say: What a complete MISunderstanding of loving a man! Jul 26, Messages: And now I make a bold to seek your help. Wondering what books there are to read? They would be craftsmen and apdarion and heroes all at once; and women to them are but fires on the hearth — for others to tend, until they are tired of play in the evening.

Yet, she kept torturing his soul with conversations about the Aldarion from before! For those unaware, you can read it in Unfinished Tales. This should go without saying, but treat people as you wish to be treated. LhunithilielMar 29, Although you probably need to read The Silmarillion first. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Therefore do not bend, Ancalime. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Personally, I feel for Erendis the most. Much about Aldarion’s later years and exactly which actions he took as a king to help Gil-galad and counter Sauron’s threat is unclear, as Tolkien never finished the tale of Aldarion and Erendis, although Christopher Tolkien provided some hints about his later history in Unfinished Tales. Aldarion himself understood it well: Say hello to our friends in the following places:. I would say — no!

Try searching before posting a new thread: Retrieved from ” http: Page Talk Edit History. Now he was the Aldarion she wanted! After this twist in the tale, the detailed writing stops, for the story was not completed during the author’s life. This article has multiple issues. Upon his return, Aldarion found his home locked and his father even more cold towards him. The main cause of disagreement between father and son proved to be the sea, for Aldarion loved it ever since he was a child.


She failed to accept truths and chose to live in a world of her own, a world where she was to set the rules….

And he always admitted his love for the sea to be the love of his life! This page was last edited on 16 Novemberat But she made a fatal mistake! In so doing he disinherited his nephew Soronto, and set a lasting precedent for the future. She then set it in a silver fillet and had Aldarion bind it about her forehead.

Erendis often spoke to Aldarion about his former voyages and about his former activities…. Yet he was honest to himself and to his intentions towards Erendis both, in his mind and therefore in his deeds.


They are betrothed etendis Meneltarma. Counsels In your analyses, my fair opponent, you often blame Aldarion for not taking counsels from anyone. His absences from his kingdom on voyages to Middle-earth were unprecedented, and began as early as the first couple of years of his reign.

This page has been accessed 28, times. No, create an account now. If we love Numenor also, let us enjoy it before they ruin it.