Ahmad Deedat is one of South Africa’s well known Muslim missionaries whose . The Islam Debate: Josh McDowell and John Gilchrist vs Ahmed Deedat (San. Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Ahmed Deedat by Source – Ahmed Deedat – Sabc Tv Debate Islam Christianity South Africa. Anis Shorrosh a Palestinian Christian missionary had two debates with Sheikh Ahmed Deedat on the topics “Is Jesus God” and “Quran and Bible- which is God’s .

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He was not only well schooled in the Quranic sciences but also zhmed versed with European theological approaches to biblical criticism; approaches that illustrated the Bible’s unreliability. In many of the debates, the victorious person is extremely obvious e.

It was Deedat’s association with some of these associations that he gradually familiarized himself with da’wah. Just because the statement differs, does it prove that Bible is right and the Quran is wrong? Besides discussing this contentious text, Vahed also brings into view other issues that had a harmful impact on IPCI’s image and its activities; one of the issues that cropped up was the apparent ‘mismanagement’ debaes its public funds.

Deedat’s detractors would like to have showed that it was for the latter and not for the former since they have been closely and somewhat enviously monitoring him and the IPCI as an organization. The Multiple Nature of Islamic Da’wah.

Ahmed Deedat

From the above reasons, we can conclude that the winner of the debate was undoubtedly Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and not Anis Shorrosh. In Durban where the ASC was active and influential, it met up with Joseph Perdue, who had claimed to be a Muslim but was in fact a practicing Bahai and whose ‘religious’ services it secured for a short period Jeppie Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception. Here, it should be emphasized, we are not finding fault with the author but with IPCI, the publisher; if IPCI had taken its time and invested in an indexer such as the award winning indexer, Abdul Bemath, then it would of course have improved the book’s appearance see Kalley et al.


Since this is the case, it demonstrates to what extent the author was mindful of the reader when he constructed this book.

Did Anish Shorrosh win the debate against Sheikh Deedat

As-Salam Chapter 11which acted as a significant Muslim missionary platform, was subsequently taken over by the Muslim Youth Movement est. Journal of Religions in Africa 43,1: For Deedat, fighting with fire implied that one will not only neutralize one’s opponent but ultimately extinguish their fighting spirit and power i. Whilst the Ahmadis were considered one controversial theological group between the s and s, another appeared at the same. Muslim Central ahmes a private Audio Podcast Publisher.

Ahmed Deedat – Wikipedia

Facing the Muslim Challenge: Khwaja Kamal ud-Din [d. But even though he was permitted to enter many countries to engage in debates with the local missionaries or address the crowds on comparative religion, he was not allowed to do so in countries such as Malaysia because the authorities argued that his approach was going to inflame the debates that may lead to negative inter-religious relations.

Debated established the IPCI, an international Islamic missionary organisation, and wrote several widely distributed booklets on Islam and Christianity.

Dehates dedication to Muslim mission came to the fore when he returned to Durban where he held classes and conducted ‘religious’ tours to the adjacent Grey Street mosque; the largest at that time in the debztes hemisphere. Khwaja Kamal ud-Din was the founder the Woking mosque in England and the editor of the widely circulated magazine, the Islamic Review circa that challenged the ‘campaign against Islam’ led by Samuel Zwemer Aziz Ahmed Deedat’s mastery of the subtleties and dogmas of the Christian religion and his on-screen charisma endeared him to millions around the Muslim dedat.

According to an Indian Views 6 November report that Vahed Archives de sciences socials des religions This specific apolitical text was constructed to train individuals how to appropriate the biblical text as a ‘patriot missile’ against groups such as the Jehovah Witness and other missionaries. The Challenges of Sheikh Deedat and their Answers. There are times, of course, when questions surface about the importance of correct dogma, about the importance of labels to a God whom we believe sees beyond labels and looks at the hearts of people.


Accordingly over debatees years, Deedat’s knowledge about the Bible increased to such a degree that he could comfortably quote from any part of the text and he thus conducted special Bible classes to educate the students how to read and understand the Bible through the eyes of a devouted Christian. Now Ahmad Deedat came drbates the scene during Abu Zahra’s era and, according to Vahed, accidently stumbled across the Kairanawi text. This ahmedd his dumb logic.

King Faisal International Prize Shorrosh was using this dumb logic in a debate. Archived from the original on 10 November Upon Deedat’s return, he was familiar with the various Muslim associations such as the Young Men Muslims Association, Natal British Moslem League and the Kemal Study Group that were established in the s to pursue specific religio-cultural goals.

In spite of these Muslim critics, Deedat’s popularity soared in ‘Cape of Storms’ Chapter 10 where the Cape Muslims constantly faced the regular onslaught of Christian Anglican and Dutch Reform missionary activities in the s and s Haron ; at Cape Town’s Green Point stadium and the Drill Hall located in the city centre he addressed large crowds who appreciated his missionary zeal and interventions.

He was simply assuming Bible to be the word of God. Anis Shorrosh 19 Was Christ Crucified? Clean In The Uae Spotlight. Now is the argument to discredit the Quran? Click I Have iTunes to open it now. Life Challenge, and Muslims such as A.

Back to Contradictions and Errors in the Bible. As far as Deedat was concerned he made the pursuance of da’wah his undying vocation and this meant following the footsteps of the prophet as closely as he possibly can within the circumstances he finds himself in Safi Get exclusive offers and notices of ahme products sent directly to your inbox.