Find great deals for Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii Codex 7th Edition Games Workshop GW. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Warhammer 40k – Adeptus Mechanicus / Skitarii Codex. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The 8th ed Adeptus Mechanicus Codex cometh, and the cybernetic 10 Skitarii Vanguard with Radium Carbines which are Assault 3 vs. a turn.

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And as mentioned before electro-priests look like ass.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Adeptus Mechanicus(8E) – 1d4chan

Also plan for their low ld: This product is no longer being distributed by Games Workshop, and can only be bought directly from their website. Kill Team Start Collecting! This is why we have to take min.

So you want to start hoarding technology and shooting cancer mechanicu people, but where should you start? At the very least, you’ll want one Onager Dunecrawler armed with an Icarus Array to deal with fliers. Forge Worlds not listed below can select any Dogma they wish.

In 8th edition table control is much more paramount to victory than it ever was: In Stock Stock Due Available Unavailable This product is ccodex longer being distributed by Games Workshop, and can only be bought directly from their website. Specialist Detachments are an upcoming type of Detachment that will be added starting in the Vigilus Defiant campaign supplement by use of stratagems that costs CP.

This usually culminates in this army being generally run as a Castle, stationary or otherwise. The Start Collecting box comes at a decent discount over buying the units separately.

Views Read Edit View history. So split them in 5 men teams or browse the many ways to sustain a 10 man squad morale: While this isn’t too bad, you may want to consider the following allies in order to give your “Quest for Knowledge” the boosts it needs:.


Master quickly the art of positioning your troops, try to strike a balance between Skitarii and Kataphrons that works well with the rest of your army and try to guesstimate what any unit can endure; lest your lines crumble to offer your costly heavy guns for the enemy to butcher.

Legal Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. Alternatively, because you want to play a bunch of greedy hoarders that make the Blood Ravens seem positively philanthropic in comparison.

Adeptus Mechanicus are very Command Point hungry, so running at least one Battalion detachment is always worth it, which means you’ll need 2 HQ choices and 3 troop choices.

Kastelan Robots are still derpy Baymaxes. This makes AdMech vulnerable to anything that messes with morale which is kind of a problem unless you have specifically built a list against this and Smite spam.

Depending on your preference, you’ll either be running a combined arms list, or a Heavy Support list. Next, you will need to run a minimum of 3 troops.

Adeptus Mechanicus

Armed with the most terrifyingly advanced weaponry the Imperium has ever known, and driven by data imperatives that enhance their abilities to almost supernatural levels, the Skitarii are a post-human nightmare rendered in metal and flesh, collecting and analysing every morsel of information they can in order to fuel their thirst for ever more powerful tools of destruction.

Retrieved from ” https: It’s a fucking mess. Same day dispatch on in-stock orders placed before 3pm. You might be screwed on the priests, but we do not need to settle for the derpbot This hurts things like Electro-Priests, which really do benefit from being in large groups.


Remember, these are your cyberpunk dudes. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Feel free to play with this as you will.

Codex: Skitarii (English) – Adeptus Mechanicus | Element Games

Please note that you can give this detachment a different Forgeworld dogma, should you so desire. It will require 1 HQ choice, which you can fill with a cheap, barebones Techpriest Enginseer, mechnicus a minimum of 3 heavy support choices. Your Battalion Detachment has room for 6 elites, 3 heavy code, and 3 fast attack choices. Combined with the discounts to Kataphrons and Kataphron heavy detachments xdeptus see a lot more play.

Besides, having 2 additional Enginseers to repair your units isn’t a bad deal, to begin with. Email Me When In Stock. Enter the Skitarii infantry: A solid purchase after you have the basics down would be either Kastelan Robots, or a few close combat specialists like Sicarian Infiltrators, or Electropriests though they are by far the ugliest models GW has ever produced.

You now have your Battalion ready, and you’ve got 8 Command Points to play with. AdMech’s cheapest models cost points each and have almost no versatility. Mechamicus space ’em up and all that stuff.

Take a large unit of Dragoons and two lone Ballistarii. Home Adeptus Mechanicus Codex: Because you like Cyborgstechnosorceryand some of the scariest guns in the Imperium.

Your ad here, right now: These Detachments are custom made for specific sub-factions which grant them access to a new key word as well as additional Stratagems, Warlord Traits, and Artifacts.