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Collective agreement on cultural and artistic services Section 7: Chapter 7 concerns the education of civil servants. Supplements articles 12 Benefits for participants of knun and persons equated to them and 13 Benefits for the disabled of the war with new wording concerning the veterans of the war of with Imperialistic Kanub. Concerns the accounts opened by workers at the Turkish Bank of Agriculture.

Adds a sentence to Article 3 of Act No. Amends the Civil Servants Act No. In line with the Civil Servants’ Act No. Regulations on the basis and procedure concerning the evaluation of public servants level of foreign languages. Contains provisions on disability contributions, old age benefits, occupational disability, war veteran, veteran benefits, etc.

Also amends the Law on the Social and Legal Protection of Military Servicemen and Members of their Families supplementing para 2 of article 15 Pension provision and support with new paragraph 7. Procedure of granting a leave to military servicemen and of calling them back to service with new para Final Provisions Part X: Stipulates that such standards are to be based on detailed analyses szyl each position and are to be used in the assessment of the manun qualified persons for employment.

Regulations of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of 25 December to amend the Regulations on employment of public servants kwnun were victims of terrorism and became invalids but are able to work, and members of their family. Road Transport Regulations Amends, inter alia, the Labour Code: It amends the following provisions of Civil Servants’ Act No.


Requirements for State bodies’ employees. In State forests, forestry administration shall be required to pay compensation for any personal belongings and equipment of fire fighters which are damaged while fighting the fire.

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Szyl I sets the general provision introducing the description of the terminology of the law; also introduces, inter alia, the one web-portal of the use of public funds; the liability for the violation of the requirements of this law.

Sets forth principles pertaining to payment of exemption sum by surplus reserves, and deals with various administrative matters. Prescription of Salaries Amendment Act Repeals some words in the table line A auditsline H monitor, etc. Regulation concerning the procedures and the principles for the promotion of the social insurances personnel. Amends footnote part 3 No.

Decree of the Cabinet of the Ministers of Ukraine No. Provides for the repeal of disciplinary sanctions against public and civil servants except in cases of offences lanun the State. Amends section 14 relating to pension manun for workers employed in manun works. Determines units and departments of ministries and public institutions with security classification which hold information or documents which, if disclosed to unauthorised persons, could damage or threaten security of the State.

Regulations of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of 14 March concerning the authorization to provide and the control of agents in charge of find works and workers in the agricultural area.

Grants to craftsmen, shopkeepers and other independent workers the right to a written demand for moving into a superior category in terms of social security contributions. Regulation on the working conditions of workers in dayl and forest areas.

Civil Servants’ Act No. Amends, inter alia, the Labour Code, supplementing it with new article Additional leave to certain categories of war veterans.


Amends the article of the Civil Servants Act No. Also allows for the augmentation of the rate of coverage for retirement benefits. Concerns the general health insurance of public officers and the payment of their medical costs in accordance with the Social Insurance and General Health insurance Act No. Regulations on occupational training of the personnel of the Ministry of Social Insurance. Specifies the method for the calculation of the minimum wage.

Application of Act 4. It providesfor additional grounds for termination of employment contracts in case of non-respect of requirements of legislation on licensing of some type of activities.

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Responsibility for Violation of Legislation on State Service. Legal Notice of May on the tariffs and instructions for the mandatory individual accident insurance for Mine Workers.

In the case of collapse, work must be halted under the surveillance of competent personnel. Aims to explain the changes made to some provisions of the and Acts concerning the salary paid during the leave in order to eliminate confusion. Regulations of the Ministry of National Education on the employment of contracted teachers.

Termination of the agreement on the installment of the arrears Article V: Also introduces the main forms of folk art activity, funding thereof, enterprises carrying out folk art production. Supplements the Labour Act No. 425 amends the chert of Annex 3 other compensations; Compensation for security services.

Condominium of Apartment Owners.

It amends in Annex 1 the list of clothing allowances for civil servants and repeals the number “16” from first para of Syal 1. Their rights and obligations Chapter III: