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Celebrations at Broomhall

Date Added   February 22, 2016   Broomhall

The King Of Scots Robert the Bruce Societyattended the birthday celebration of Lord Elgin, who was in good spirits at the ripe old age of 92 ! Several members of the King of Scots Robert the Bruce Society attended a small but very lively birthday celebration where we presented Lord Elgin with a Sgian Dubh made from the Robert the Bruce Yew Tree on Loch Lomond side. This is the very tree that the Great King Robert himself, took shelter under and told stories to his men of the great heroes of mythology during his campaign on the Wars of Independence. The second gift presented to Lord Elgin was King Robert the Bruce's Great Seal of Scotland. This was set in a beautiful Bruce Tartan frame. It was also a celebration of the 700th anniversary of this seal being used in Scotland. So we would like to wish a massive happy birthday to our patron, Lord Elgin and a wonderful celebration for the anniversary of the Great Seal

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